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Gold Buyer Roswell, GA

Chapes-JPL wants to buy all your gold, or help you get fast cash as a non bank loan. A pawn is a collateral loan during which you may pick up your items at any time. As a state licensed and regulated pawnbroker, we charge %. At the end of your loan, you can decide to make a REDEMPTION or RENEWAL of your loan. A REDEMPTION is the payment of your PRINCIPAL + INTEREST, at which time you will receive your item or items back. A RENEWAL is a payment of INTEREST ONLY, which renews your loan for another 30 days. There is no limit to the amount of times a pawn can be renewed and you may also choose to surrender your items at any time as payment in full.

At Chapes-JPL we go above and beyond to provide a high value for your gold if selling or a low interest rate if looking for a cash loan.

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