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Who are we?
The Suwanee Gold Buyers Exchange is a one-stop specialized clearing house for precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, palladium and diamonds. We focus on one thing only; buying golds from the general public. We are a professional company involved in the analysis, procurement, refinement and reintroduction of precious metals and diamonds into the different industries.

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What we are not?
We are not a Jewelry Store; we don’t sell jewelry. We are not a bank; we don’t loan money. We are not a Currency Exchange; we don’t exchange foreign money. We are not an importer; we don’t import precious metals from other countries. We are not a Pawn Shop; we don’t pawn.

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What sets us apart from others?
We are the only game in town. As far as we know, we are the only company specializing in buying precious metals, diamonds, and gift cards from the general public in the state. Although other companies buy precious metals and diamonds and claim to give the highest payout, this is not their core business. What this means is that other companies are focusing on other things such as selling you something you don’t need or want, providing in-store credit in lieu of money or simply giving you the least amount, they can for your items.

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The Suwanee Gold Buyers Exchange, instead, will focus only on one thing – to provide a comfortable, welcoming, and secure space to exchange your unwanted items for the fairest prices we can give.

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Do we make the highest payouts in the state?
No. We will never make that claim. Any company insisting on making that claim is not honest and transparent but instead is only determined to lure you into their office. Instead, we can make the claim that our payouts are fair and standardized, based on the Spot Price for the day.
Who uses our service?
Customers of Suwanee Gold Buyers Exchange include regular every-day people – just like yourself – who have accumulated a lot of valuables over the years that they no longer need or want. Whether you’re an elderly resident who is ready to trade in your old broken jewelry or a family member who inherited a number of valuables or you have unexpected bills to pay, Suwanee Gold Buyers Exchange offers the chance to have them evaluated and traded in for money.

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