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Choosing to sell your diamonds can be a challenging and emotional decision. It may bring up old, cherished memories or even sadness. Whether you are selling a diamond engagement ring, diamond jewelry, or loose stones it is important to do some research to ensure that you are getting an honest and accurate price for your valuable stones. Taking diamonds to a pawn shop will rip you off, only offering a fraction of what the stone is actually worth. Jewelry stores aren’t much better, as they are only looking to make a huge profit. The best way to sell diamonds is to bring them to an honest and reputable diamond buyer.

Avondale Estates, GA Diamond Buyer

At Chapes-JPL, you can sell diamonds for an accurate price! As a leading diamond buyer, we offer our customers some of the most accurate and profitable payouts for diamonds and jewelry. Our diamond buying process is clear and upfront, so that you are better enabled to make an informed and educated decision on whether or not you should sell diamonds for cash. If you want to sell diamond wedding rings, diamond jewelry, or other diamond pieces, you can rely on The Chapes-JPL to buy diamonds at a reasonable price.

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Why Sell Your Diamonds to The Chapes-JPL?
When you want to sell diamonds, choosing a trustworthy and reliable diamond buyer can make a huge difference. At Chapes-JPL, we try to make our diamond buying process as clear and straightforward as possible. We can appraise your items and offer you a fair price in just three simple steps:
Step One: Our diamond buyers will carefully handle and evaluate the diamonds you want to sell.
Step Two: We separate items by karat and then weigh them.
Step Three: We offer an accurate price for your diamonds based on karat and weight.

When you choose to sell your diamonds to us instead of a jewelry store or pawn shops, your overall experience will not only be better, you’ll be entitled to some great benefits as well.

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Higher payouts
When you sell your diamonds at The Chapes-JPL, you can get more cash for your items! Our teams experience in diamond buying enables us to properly evaluate your items and offer honest, accurate, and competitive cash for diamond payouts! Unlike most jewelry stores, we offer high payouts for all sorts of diamonds, including diamond engagement rings, loose diamond stones, and much more. Our diamond jewelry buyers have the experience and resources that a traditional cash for diamond store clerks or chain stores may not.

Friendly and professional diamond buyers
Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority at The Chapes-JPL. Unlike most jewelry buyers, our team takes the time to carefully evaluate each item to offer our customers the highest payouts. We take the time to explain our jewelry buying process, answering any questions along the way, and providing our clients with a free estimate for their diamonds. Don’t get ripped off by an uneducated buyer, get more cash for your diamonds at The Chapes-JPL!

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Instant payment
When you walk into one of our three store locations with diamonds to sell, you can walk out with cash in just a matter of minutes! We are proud to offer instant payments for customers who are looking to sell their diamonds. Even for out-of-town clients, we offer free FedEx shipping and will send a check the same day our offer is accepted! With Chapes-JPL, you can get cash for diamonds quickly and hassle-free.

Get Money for Your Diamonds Today!
If you have diamond jewelry that you no longer want or wear, get cash by selling your diamonds to an honest and reputable buyer. The Chapes-JPL is the best place to sell diamonds! We make the diamond buying process simple and hassle-free while ensuring our clients are paid an honest and accurate price for their belongings. Whether you want to sell diamonds online or in-store, the friendly diamond jewelry buyers at The Chapes-JPL are ready to help! If you have diamonds you want to sell, call our diamond experts today!

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