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Sell Your Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings. Diamond rings are by far the most common items our clients are looking to sell, so it is no surprise that we buy more diamond rings than any other jewelry item. when you come to us to sell diamond ring, you will be getting an honest and trustworthy offer. Our diamond ring valuation process is structured to maximize the value of your diamond ring. Our process is outlined here: How To Sell Your Diamond Ring

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Sell Your Diamond Jewelry
Diamond Jewelry. At Chapes –JPL Diamonds, each staff member is well experienced in the diamond jewelry trade. Part of the reason why we can offer you the most for your diamond jewelry is because we understand how to maximize the value of your jewelry. To learn more, click here: How To Sell Your Diamond Jewelry
Sell Your Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds. Chapes –JPL specializes in buying loose diamonds. We buy all types of diamonds. Whether you are looking to sell a rare large diamond in excellent condition, or an average small diamond in poor condition, our team will give you an offer higher than other firms.

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Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring. Engagement rings are the most popular types of rings we purchase. They are different than normal rings in that they usually have a larger diamond centerpiece, of higher quality. We almost always end up removing the center diamond from diamond engagement rings for those reasons. Of course, we do not recommend you do this yourself.

At Chapes –JPL Diamonds, our experts with years of experience use special equipment to get this done.

To learn more about how we buy diamond rings in general, refer here: How To Sell Your Diamond Ring

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GIA Certified Diamonds. Many clients assume that grades on lab reports and certificates are absolute and exact. In reality, color and clarity grades are highly subjective. For that reason, major labs often have three graders examine each diamond. Since color and clarity contribute greatly to price, it is foolish to buy a diamond strictly based on its GIA (or other lab) report. Only trained diamond buyers with years of experience like Chapes –JPL Diamonds have the confidence to challenge a report, and many times, pay you more for a diamond that was poorly graded. Since there is no way to ensure that your report is accurate, we recommend visiting our offices, so we can make on offer on your actual stone, rather than a piece of paper.

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Chapes –JPL Diamond Cutters With Chapes-JPL, it’s not just about the diamonds. It’s about a family business carrying on our founder’s legacy by treating each client and purchase with the same respect, care, and personal attention we give each diamond. For our clients, it’s about about knowing that you will receive a trusted valuation from industry professionals, who have been cutting, polishing, and grading diamonds since 1964.To flourish in the years ahead, it’s our responsibility to do more than purchase your loose diamonds and diamond jewelry at a competitive price. We need to deliver a superior experience, that will leave our clients with a lasting appreciation for our company. We strive to leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. Chapes -JPL, the father of the company, was and still is a relentless perfectionist. That trait lives on in each and every member of the Chapes –JPL Diamonds family. It is also reflected in each and every Chapes –JPL diamond. Almost every diamond we acquire is re-cut and polished to achieve maximum brilliance, and when it comes to doing business, we offer the best possible package in an equally shining fashion. Just as a diamond touches many hands throughout the cutting process, the purchase of a diamond is no less delicate and intricate. It’s an organic, labor-intensive process, requiring trust and dedication of time …

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