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How to Sell a Diamond For Cash

One of the best ways to sell a diamond is through a service that will buy it for cash. The service is based on your diamond’s quantity and quality. Diamond prices don’t fluctuate like gold, so you’ll never have to worry about losing money in the future. If you want to sell your diamond, here are some tips:


A consignment to sell diamond for cash may be an option to maximize the return on your investment. While selling diamonds at a jewelry store typically earns you more than what you spend on them, it is important to keep in mind that the jeweler will take a commission of anywhere from ten to thirty percent from the sale price. These fees can significantly reduce your final sale price. Before deciding on a consignment to sell diamond for cash, review the fees and policies of the jewelry consignment company you plan to use.

When choosing a consignment company to sell your diamond, it’s important to keep in mind that a public audience will likely pay less than an industry insider. Moreover, the public may not have access to the same wholesale prices, so finding a buyer can be difficult. Craigslist and eBay are two options that can help you get the cash you’re after. However, a professional diamond buyer should always be contacted.

A professional diamond grading report is helpful for both the seller and the buyer. While a diamond grading report from an independent laboratory is helpful, the standards can vary significantly. Sadly, many retail sellers will inflate their grading reports, so don’t blindly agree with it. Experienced buyers will evaluate the credibility of any document. If the diamond is old, it may be worth selling for a higher price at an auction.

When selling a diamond at a consignment sale, it is best to wait until the economy improves and there’s more demand for used diamonds. If you’re not sure whether to sell your diamond to an experienced jeweler or a reputable online diamond buying service, start by researching the diamond buyer. A successful consignment sale can make the process easier and provide a higher return than you would have received on your own.


A pawnbroker is a jeweler who will sell your diamond for cash, after you have agreed to pay the loan and interest. This method of selling diamonds can be a great option if you need to sell your stone quickly, but it is important to find a reputable shop and check for reviews. A pawnbroker is generally willing to give you 60 to 80% of the diamond’s value.

The value of diamond jewelry will depend on its cut, clarity, color, and size. If the diamond is set in gold or is accompanied by precious gemstones, it may fetch more money. You should always read the fine print before selling your diamond to a pawnbroker, because you don’t want to be disappointed. However, if the price is lower than you expect, you may be able to negotiate the amount you receive.

Some pawnbrokers may be willing to pay up to 75% of the resale value of your diamond ring. That is, they may offer as much as $2,250 for your diamond if it costs you $10,000 retail. While this may sound like a good deal, you need to consider that the margin on the jewelry store’s profit is typically huge. You may be better off selling your diamond to a private pawnbroker who can make you a much higher price.

A pawnbroker’s business model is quite different from a jewelry store. While most people associate gemstones with diamonds, pawn shops also accept other precious stones. Sapphires, for example, have skyrocketed in demand ever since Kate Middleton wore a sapphire ring. They pay a percentage of the value of their jewelry. They also accept other valuable items like power tools, game consoles, and art paintings.

Online classifieds

Selling a diamond on an online classified site can be both convenient and profitable. However, selling your diamond in person can also pose a number of challenges. If you have not done so before, you’ll have to arrange shipping and insurance, wait for responses and make arrangements for the final sale. Listed below are some helpful tips for selling your diamond. Read on to learn more about how to sell your diamond for cash online.

When selling a diamond, keep in mind that most buyers will only be interested in the centre stone, and will discount the accent stones. Furthermore, diamond jewelry does not appreciate in value over the long term, so it’s best to sell it for cash immediately. While this might be the case, it’s not a bad idea to keep a few tips in mind before you list your diamond for sale. You can also try listing it for sale on online classifieds and ask for the highest offer.

If you’re not interested in selling your diamond directly to a buyer, you can sell it to a jeweler or consignment store. While this option isn’t as secure as selling your diamond to an insider, it can be a safe and quick method. Be sure to research your prospective buyer carefully, and try to choose a reputable dealer or consignment shop. You’ll receive a better price if you sell your diamond to a reputable retailer.

If you’re selling a diamond online, you may want to consider a consignment service. This type of service is often more rewarding because the jeweler does not make a payment until the diamond is sold. James Allen, for example, allows you to trade in your diamond with the money from your new purchase. James Allen’s jewelry store also has strict terms, including that worn rings or stones without grading reports are not accepted.

Consignment shops

If you’re in search of a quick, hassle-free way to sell your diamond, consider selling it in a consignment shop. These businesses can pay you up to 90% more for your diamond than a typical jewelry store. The best part? You can choose a time that works best for you. Some consignment shops will even pick up your diamond for free! And what’s more, if you’re in the right place, you may even get your diamond sold in 48 hours.

However, be aware that buying a diamond from a private seller can leave you with a gem that’s worth less than you thought. While it may be genuine, the 4Cs aren’t the same as what you thought they were. Even a slight variation in one of these variables can detract from a diamond’s value. The best way to make the most of your diamond purchase is to find a consignment shop that offers you the best price possible.

Another way to sell your diamond is to sell it on consignment. This will give you a higher return because the jeweler is not paid until the diamond is sold. You can even use the money from the trade-in to buy a new piece of jewelry. However, be aware that some consignment stores do have specific rules for the jewelry they accept. For example, they don’t accept worn rings, stones without grading reports, and so on.

You should be aware that selling a diamond to a consignment shop is not an easy task. Diamonds are rare and expensive, and buyers will demand evidence of their authenticity. That means that you should provide a GIA certificate with the diamond if possible. Otherwise, you could end up getting a lowball offer. If this is the case, you might have to consider selling your diamond to an independent jeweler instead of a retail outlet.


If you’re planning to sell your diamond for cash at GIA, you may have questions regarding the process. A diamond that isn’t GIA-certified may be more difficult to sell. For instance, it could have a high fluorescence level or a low cut grade. However, these flaws are not fatal, and you can stand your ground against a low offer. However, if your diamond has a significant flaw, selling it might be difficult. If you’re unsure whether your diamond qualifies for GIA certification, you should contact a local gemologist to see if it is an ideal candidate.

Some jewelers accept used jewelry from individuals. However, you need to have a GIA certificate for a fair price. While jewelers are businessmen, they want to make a profit from every deal. Hence, they will often offer you below your GIA appraisal price. If you’re interested in selling your diamond for cash at GIA, you must make sure that you’re able to get a fair value for it.

GIA certification is an advantage when you’re selling an engagement ring. Not only will it help speed up the appraisal process, it will also make the buyer more likely to make an accurate first offer. If you can’t bring your diamond to GIA, you can photograph it with your mobile phone and quote the certificate number. This will make your diamond look like a real GIA-certified one.

Whether you’re ready to sell your diamond or not, there are many factors to consider when determining its value. The first consideration is whether it’s worth pursuing a wholesale transaction or selling it for cash. If the transaction is a profitable one, you’ll receive a better price than you expected to. But if you’re worried about losing money, you can also choose a service that connects you with buyers. A diamond is not a good investment for the long run, so you should sell it for as much cash as you can.

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