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When selling your diamond, gold, silver, gold & silver coins, flatware and platinum you have many choices. We believe the only logical choice when selling items, we buy is to sell them to a well-respected, locally owned & operated jeweler with 40 years of service to the greater Douglasville area. As a member of your community who MUST rely on its reputation, we will do the right and ethical thing and pay you more.

What about your diamonds & precious stones? Being a jewelry store, we are always in need of diamonds and some precious stones. Most gold buyers do not have this need and DO NOT OFFER you much, if anything, for your stones. At Chapes-JPL, we will make you a very fair offer for your diamonds and precious stones. If the stones are something that we can’t use or you would like to keep, we will gladly cut them out & return them to you. We are not interested in just simply ‘taking’ the stones from you.

Here are a few other choices you have when selling your gold, silver, gold and silver coins, platinum or diamonds and what we have found for each of them:

FOOLISH CHOICE #1: You can mail your gold to someone you don’t know, who is not a member of your community and get a low-ball offer.

FOOLISH CHOICE #2: You can go to a hotel and sell your gold, in most cases to someone that is not a part of your community, who usually pays less than us and rarely gives you anything for your precious stones!!!

FOOLISH CHOICE #3: You can go to a home gold buying party, a great social gathering, but not your best option, since the host gets a percentage of your money and their offers are typically low to begin with. They too rarely give you anything for your precious stones.

FOOLISH CHOICE #4: You can go to one of the many diamond buying operations that just opened as gold prices have increased. These operators do not have the same incentive as an established ongoing locally owned and operated business to treat you fairly. They tend to offer much less than we do and not buy diamonds.

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