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Dunwoody Most Trusted Diamond Buyer
We have helped numerous Dunwoody residence achieve the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICES for their DIAMONDS.

Dunwoody, GA Diamond Buyer

We understand that the process of selling a diamond or jewelry can be difficult for someone not “in the business” so we will promise you this….


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Our experience in the jewelry trade has established our business as reputable FAIR and HONEST. If you are thinking about selling your DIAMOND jewelry. Please pay us a visit.

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Our JOB is to pay you the MOST money for your DIAMOND.
What makes us superior to other diamond buyers is that we can offer you more than one option in selling your diamond.
We can either pay you cash on the spot for your diamond, or we can offer you a SELL IT FOR YOU SERVICE. This often results in a significantly larger amount of money for your diamond.

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Please do not hesitate to get an offer from another diamond buyer before coming to see us, we love beating our competitors. Often is not that hard to do. We do pay the most!!!
Searching for a cash for diamond location near Dunwoody, then you’ve come to the right place. You will find local listings of many diamond buyers in Dunwoody. We also provide the approximate cash for diamond payouts, verified status, and even online diamond buying info, to help you earn the most cash for diamond. Prices are approximating and fluctuate as the price of diamond changes, so use the pricing below more as guidelines to sell diamond, rather than as exact amounts you will receive.

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