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Tell us about the item you wish to sell, and whether you have any original sales materials, diamond report, appraisal, etc. Receive a preliminary valuation and arrange for quick cash upon your approval.

We will conduct a complete market appraisal of your item and contact you with our final cash offer. Get paid on acceptance of our cash offer. Or you can decline, and keep your diamond and walk away, free of charge.

Fair & Honest Evaluations – Lithonia, Ga

When you sell your item to Chapes-JPL, you can be confident that you are working with one of the most prominent estate jewelry buyers serving Lithonia.

Whether you are selling a diamond engagement ring or antique estate jewelry, you can count on Chapes-JPL to leverage our 40+ years of expertise in your favor. We will make sure that you understand exactly how we arrive at our cash offer, enabling you to make the absolutely best, most informed decision on how to sell your valuable estate jewelry & luxury Swiss timepieces for more money in Lithonia, GA.

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