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If you have a jewelry item you want to sell to us, we can provide you with a fully insured package where you can send your stone to us or book an appointment with us in our office.

Once you contact us for the sale of your jewelry, our valuation team of professionals will start a valuation proceeding on your stone and offer you a competitive rate. After deliberation with our team, we will credit your account within 24 hours if you are pleased with our prices.

Bring your timepieces, gold, diamonds, and jewelry to us and get paid promptly without hassle. We ensure a transparent process that facilitates faster payments.

Mountain Park Diamond Buyers is keen on providing our customers with unique experience when they sell their used jewelry to us. We are situated in Atlanta GA and have a team of experts working with us to get the accurate valuation of your diamonds, while ensuring swift payment within 24 hours.

Mountain Park, GA Diamond Buyer

We have a distinct and exceptional attribute which gives us an edge over our rivals. We are able to buy diamonds in excellent shape and also broken diamonds. You need the support of a reliable company that specializes in the purchase of diamonds to assist you with your questions when you want to sell your diamond, and we are capable of
helping you out. Colorless, colored, broken and O+ colored diamonds can be sold to us at Mountain Park Diamond Buyers.

We understand that it takes trust to leave your cherished possessions in our hands. We have a reputation to protect in the industry and have also earned the trust and admiration of reputable organizations
because of our commitment to providing an exceptional experience for individuals who support our integrity.

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We are here to ensure a fast and transparent transaction insuring you that you can leave with payment faster than you thought possible, so if you have old diamond or unwanted diamonds call in today and get payed today! As a Company that has transacted in high volumes of diamond purchases with various personals, we can confidently inform you of our ability to pay you immediately. Mountain Park Diamond Buyers have done countless transactions with the public and the trade we maintain a level of integrity and approach to transparency to satisfy our customers.

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At Mountain Park Diamond Buyers, we understand the process of selling your diamond can be a complicated experience especially if it is your first time doing it. as soon as you require the assistance of a trusted buyer to purchase your diamond who will keep the details confidential. These are some of the attributes you should search for in a seller before commencing any process of purchase of diamonds;

TRANSPARENCY: Look out for a diamond buyer who has a simple approach evaluating your diamond. Mountain Park Diamond Buyer will be glad to show you how we arrive at the estimate of your diamond. Avoid buyers who want to coerce you into selling without letting you know how they got the value of your diamonds.

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KNOW MORE ABOUT THE MARKET: Ensure the buyer is a dealer who is conversant with the trends in the market as the sales of diamonds, and other valuable items can be complicated.
SECURITY: Make sure your diamond buyer is providing every means to secure the transaction such as providing video footage of the process when opening customer’s packages in addition to strict adherence to security policies.

We provide convenience with our online transaction when you sell to us at Mountain Park Diamond Buyers. We offer competitive prices that match the value of your item, we also ensure an atmosphere where our clients are safe to sell jewelry to us without their identities shown to other people. Whenever you think of Mountain Park Diamond Buyers, your convenience, protection of privacy and customer satisfaction is our fortress.

Selling of your diamond to us is pretty easy as you have two options available to you. We make sure to ensure a transparent transaction with video and picture footage (on need bases). Our valuation team will check your diamond and offer you a quote and if you are pleased with the offer, we will arrange to pay you that same day. The second option is the booking of appointment with us at our office in Atlanta GA, you come with your item to get a valuation of your diamond. You receive a fair price upon agreement you will receive payment for your item before leaving our office. At the Mountain Park Diamond Buyers, we take pride in ensuring a unique experience for our clients.

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