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North Druid Hills, GA Diamond Buyer

Looking to sell your diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry? We buy diamond jewelry and loose diamonds from residents of the North Druid Hills area and beyond. Selling your diamonds or diamond jewelry can be difficult. Finding qualified buyers in person or online may be difficult or even dangerous. Selling in person may result in theft or personal harm and selling online is time consuming, uncertain and risky.

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Chapes-JPL Diamond Buyers
As a service division of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers,

Chapes-JPL Diamond Buyer is a boutique diamond buyer that specializes in the purchase of large carat diamond rings, designer bridal jewelry, and antique diamond estate jewelry—as well as high-grade diamonds of all cuts and shapes, including Brilliant, Asscher, Leo, Cushion, Tycoon, Pear, Heart, and Oval. Our Belvedere Park diamond buyers are led by owner Carl Blackburn, who has helped hundreds of clients throughout Belvedere Park get more money for their diamond rings and precious gemstones.

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Chapes-JPL takes the questions and uncertainty out of selling your diamond and/or diamond jewelry. Simply, bring your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds to us and we will examine them and most likely make you a cash offer on the spot. Selling your diamonds and diamond jewelry to Chapes-JPL is easy.

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Diamond value is based on the five “C’s” cut, carat-weight, color, clarity, confidence. We will assess the quality and value of your diamond based on these criteria.

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