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Diamond Buyer in Smyrna, Georgia

We are one of the biggest diamond buyers, which is why residents of Smyrna, Georgia travel a short distance for the best deal and most of amount of cash; we buy diamonds of all sizes and shapes – practically any kind of diamond you bring in to us. Maybe you’ve had some family jewelry laying around in an heirloom box for decades, and you have finally decided to convert it into cash, or maybe you had a relationship end prematurely and you’re stuck with an engagement ring. In these or any similar scenarios, you’re holding the bag on something that can be very valuable, but it has no real value to you, other than how much cold cash you can convert it into. Those situations are just when you should put your diamond valuables in some secure container, and bring it in to be evaluated by our expert jeweler for an accurate assessment.

What Makes Chapes-JPL the Best Diamond Buyer Choice?
With more than 40 years of experience in the business of buying and selling diamonds, we have the background to fairly evaluate your valuable standalone diamonds as well as your diamond jewelry pieces. You will always have the option of either selling your diamonds to us outright, or to pawn it for a period, and redeem it when you’ve paid off your loan. You also don’t have to worry about bringing in something which is too expensive for us to handle – we’ll be glad to deal with anything from $ to $5,000,000 and even higher if the situation calls for it. If your diamond jewelry happens to have some kind of damage, like a broken chain or chipped setting, that’s no problem either – as a diamond buyer, your diamond jewelry still has value to us, and we can offer you the highest price for it, based on the expert evaluation of in-house master jeweler.

We can also offer you top value for the best brand name diamonds and diamond jewelry, if they carry the house name of Cartier, Tiffany, or one of the other recognized kings of the industry. The point is, that whatever the condition and whatever the size or setting of your diamond jewelry, you’ll get the absolute fairest value for it here at our diamond store near Smyrna, Georgia. Before you take it anywhere else, bring your diamond jewelry into our store, and let us show you why we are the leading pawn shop in the area, and why our customers keep coming back to us, long after their first visit with us.

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