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Sell Diamond For Cash – Top 3 Ways to Sell Your Diamond For Cash

Trying to Sell Diamond for Cash? You have many options. You can go through a professional jeweler, sell online, or go through pawnbrokers. Listed below are some of the most popular ways to sell your diamond. If you are not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of ways to sell diamonds for cash. Use these tips to find the best deal for your diamond! Also, remember to research online auction sites to make the transaction easier.

Selling diamonds to a professional jeweler

If you are considering selling your diamonds for cash, you have several options. Direct sale entails selling diamonds to a member of the public, either a friend or a complete stranger. The downside to this method is that you need to spend a considerable amount of time finding a buyer. Most buyers will be skeptical of your asking price, and will want to negotiate for a lower one. Furthermore, you must consider your safety before you decide to sell your diamonds.

Before you sell your diamond, it’s crucial to know the retail value. Many “market prices” for diamonds exist. These include “call prices,” or the price stores will pay when requesting your diamond. Business prices, on the other hand, are the price stores will pay if you sell a group of diamonds for a certain amount of money. Depending on the condition of your diamond, you could sell it to a professional jeweler for up to 25% of its retail value.

Another option to sell your diamonds is to use a consignment dealer. A consignment dealer will require you to hand over your diamonds before they sell. Some consignment sites may also charge a commission for the sale of the diamonds, which is why it’s important to read their policies before you sell your diamonds through these options. Alternatively, you can try selling your diamonds through the classifieds in your local newspaper.


There are certain tips you can follow to get a better price for your diamonds. First, don’t let yourself be insulted by an offer. You don’t want to take the money and run, but it’s also important to be realistic. Keep track of any offers you receive and consider whether they are fair. Also, don’t be fooled by inflated appraisals. Instead, ask for a preliminarily high quote and then negotiate from there.

Usually, a trade in or trade-up deal happens at the time of purchase. Under such a deal, the seller agrees to refund a specified amount or grant a credit against the next purchase. The terms and conditions vary a lot, but the basic concept is the same. When negotiating, it’s important to keep in mind that a trade-in or trade-up offer is different from an exchange deal, because the buyer will likely not get their money back if they choose to buy it later. However, these offers may come in handy if you have other bids.

When you are selling diamonds for cash, keep in mind that there are many different “market prices” for diamonds. These prices include “call prices” – the price stores pay when they request diamonds, as well as “business prices”—the lower price they’ll pay for a bunch of diamonds at once. This is known as the “cash price.”

Online classifieds

There are many benefits of selling your diamond for cash online. For starters, you will not need to drive to a jeweler and wait in line to get a price. You can also find dozens of potential buyers for your diamond without leaving your home. Furthermore, you will have the convenience of comparing prices across multiple sites. Ultimately, you will get more money for your diamond than you would from a brick-and-mortar buyer.

The price of a diamond will depend on several factors including its quality and setting. It is also important to specify the range of prices that you are willing to accept. Remember that this price is based on market demand. Depending on the setting, your diamond may have a very high or low resale value. If you have an antique diamond, it is even better because you can sell it for a higher price than the market value!

Selling a diamond for cash is also convenient, but you should remember that it may be more hassle-prone than selling it online. You may need to pay for shipping and insurance, wait for the buyer’s response, and make arrangements for pick-up. It is also important to note that you’ll be responsible for any tax liabilities incurred as a result of the sale. However, this isn’t always a problem because diamond buyers operate through websites.


You can get a decent deal if you can bargain with a pawn shop owner. However, you should be prepared to walk away if you’re not offered a good price. The reason is that pawn shops are known to pay less than retail value for diamonds. You should know the worth of your jewelry to avoid being ripped off. In fact, the pawn shop owner may even keep your diamond if you don’t pay the full amount.

You can find pawn shops online or in your area. Read customer reviews about pawn shops before committing yourself to a particular one. Always ask for written documentation, including the appraisal of your diamond or ring. Make sure to read the fine print before agreeing to a purchase. Also, remember that pawn shops will not pay you the full price of your ring. They will pay you only a fraction of its original price.

Whether you’re in need of some extra cash or you’re looking to replace some damaged jewelry, pawn shops can be an excellent option. If you’ve been considering pawn shops, ask if they’re family-owned. In general, pawn shops are family-run, and the owner can give you advice on the value of your diamond. You’ll find better deals if you already have a relationship with them. Also, always check their fees and avoid any hidden charges.


Whether you’re looking to sell your diamond for cash or to find a reputable GIA-certified jeweler, there are several factors to consider before selling it. If your diamond has a significant flaw, it might be difficult to sell for cash. GIA certification will help you protect your investment by determining the diamond’s true value. If you have a diamond with a serious flaw, such as high fluorescence or poor cut grade, you may have trouble getting the cash you’re looking for.

The first step is to contact a local GIA-certified jeweler. If your diamond is worth less than $1,000, you can sell it to a jeweler for a much lower amount. A GIA-certified diamond will have a better market value than a diamond you could sell for. A gemologist will give you an offer in a timely manner. Then you can pay the jeweler directly or upload a copy of your GIA report.

The GIA certification of a diamond gives you a clear starting point when appraisaling it. Having a GIA certificate means that the diamond has passed their stringent grading process. You can use this information to negotiate with your buyer or get a fair price for your diamond. Beware of crooked jewelers who may issue fake certificates and pair them with low-quality diamonds. These companies wouldn’t last in this business if they were honest.


Selling your diamond used to be a tricky business. However, thanks to Gemesti, the process has been made as simple and straightforward as possible. You can complete the entire transaction online, coordinate with the FedEx courier and get paid within two days. Gemesti provides you with complete privacy and you won’t have to spend countless hours hawking your diamond around local jewelry stores. Not only will you get paid immediately, you’ll also avoid the hassle of hard sell and penalties if you decide to withdraw from the sale.

Once you’ve decided to sell your diamond, Gemesti will send it to an independent laboratory. After evaluating your diamond, they’ll make you a formal offer. If you agree to the terms, you can receive your money in as little as 48 hours. Gemesti will accept loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. To sell your diamond to Gemesti, you’ll need to have a government-issued photo ID, a return address, and a bank account.

Then, you’ll need to figure out a fair price. The optimal resale price is calculated from the average retail price of the item in question and the highest possible market price. This figure is then adjusted to give you a reasonable amount for your diamond. When selling a diamond to a jeweler, never accept their first offer! Always negotiate until you reach a price of 60%-70% of the listed value.

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