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Chapes-JPL is the number one place in North Druid Hills to sell your Rolex or other fine timepiece. We will pay you more for your pre-owned timepieces, and we especially appreciate Rolex buyers. We have been in the jewelry industry for almost 100 years, so we have a large clientele and know many watch enthusiasts and collectors.

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Sell your Rolex to the number one North Druid Hills Rolex Buyers. We have been serving the public for almost 100 years. Chapes-JPL will pay you the most for your Rolex or timepiece! To sell your Rolex or other timepiece please call us. We are the premiere Rolex and timepiece buyers in North Druid Hills. Being the best of the Rolex buyers means we will pay you more than anyone else for your Rolex watch, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, jewelry, and coins

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Selling your jewelry can be a hard decision. Here at Chapes-JPL, we take the time to evaluate each piece of jewelry. That is why our customers always leave happy. That’s what makes us the best NORTH DRUID HILLS Rolex Buyers!

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At Chapes-JPL all transactions are 100% confidential. We understand that selling your family jewelry can be a difficult and emotional process.

That is why we are low pressure here at Chapes-JPL. That is what makes us the best jewelry buyers in North Druid Hills!

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If you need cash now and don’t want to worry about loans, interest, and everything else, you can get it fast by selling your valuables at Chapes-JPL today!
If you have any questions about any of these services that we provide, please just give us a call or stop in our shop any time. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.
We do not have any hidden fees. We offer top dollar.
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