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Chapes-JPL can help. If you are asking yourself “should I sell my Rolex”, the answer should be yes. If you’re looking to sell your Rolex watch, then look no further than Chapes-JPL, located in Panthersville. With over 30+ years in the business, we have an excellent reputation and an extremely large following of loyal customers. If you have a Rolex that you want to sell or even just want to know it’s value, please drop by and one of our Rolex Buyers can give you an estimate as to you watches value.

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Rolex are high-end watches we take pride in knowing all of the slightest details of virtually every Rolex made. Unlike many of our competitors we know the true value of a Rolex including the current market trends and how much they are worth by the rolex buyer. The bottom line is simple; you will get the highest payout for your Rolex watch us. We are Chapes-JPL in Panthersville. Chapes-JPL in Panthersville will pay the highest cash for your unwanted watches.

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Rolex watches are not inexpensive watches and it can take a lot for someone to part with a single timepiece or a collection. One of the reasons we buy Rolex watches is because of their ability to last. They are built to stay functional as well as perfect looking, even in the most treacherous of environments. As an innovator of function and design, Rolex was the first watchmaker to use 904L steel, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel commonly used in technology and in the aerospace and chemical industries. Its excellent anti-corrosion properties, comparable to those of precious metals, are due to its high chrome content. Rolex masters in-house the entire manufacturing process for its 904L steel watch components, right to the last step: polishing that gives each piece a final polished or satin finish like no other. We recognize that this additional step sets Rolex watches apart and makes them attractive to buy no matter their age or condition. Chapes-JPL will pay top cash for your watches!

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Chapes-JPL has the Rolex History.
Any watch collector knows that Rolex has a century of luxury timepiece creation and devotion to quality. In 1926, Rolex invented the first waterproof watch, hence the name “Oyster”. Each year, we see new and vintage Rolex enter the marketplace, and only an experienced jewelry buyer and timepiece expert will be able to provide a proper appraisal value on newer models and the lesser-known pieces.
Rolex exclusively uses 18 ct gold, a princely alloy composed of 750‰ (thousandths) of pure gold, plus exactly the right mixture of elements including silver, copper, platinum and palladium necessary to produce the different types of 18 ct gold: yellow, Everose and white.
Rolex uses 950 platinum, an alloy consisting of 950‰ (thousandths) platinum generally combined with ruthenium. This allows the metal to be robust enough to be used in watch cases, while maintaining its legendary shine and brilliance.
From the time it was first created, it has appeared on models in the Oyster collection, although initially in the yellow or Everose gold versions only. White gold came to be used a few years later.

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Chapes-JPL will buy. Want to Sell Your Rolex? Come In and We Will Buy It.
As watch collectors and aficionados, we will always give you the best appraisal value and the most information about your timepiece. If you have a case, or any accompanying paperwork for your watch or watches, please bring with you when you meet with us. We can accommodate you in-store or schedule a visit to your home or more discreet location.

We aim to serve and buy your luxury watches for years to come.

Please visit our Contact page for more information on our hours and feel free to call us or email us! We are Chapes-JPL in Panthersville. Come into Chapes-JPL today and sell your watch for cash now!

Chapes-JPL will pay you cash on the spot for your watches. The process is fast, easy and confidential. Come into Chapes-JPL and we will pay you cash on the spot for your watches.

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