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If you are wondering how to sell a used Rolex watch in Rest Haven, Chapes-JPL can help. We are widely recognized as one of the best ways to sell valuable pre-owned Rolex buyer watches in Rest Haven.

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Thanks to our exclusive network of private Rolex buyers and collectors, we are able to regularly pay our clients not only more cash than any other watch buyer, but also more than they would have obtained by selling their Rolex through an online watch auction.

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In 2019, this is particularly true for Rolex sports watches, like the Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master, and Daytona. While most Rolex watches can generate a substantial cash offer from Chapes-JPL, the current resale market for Rolex sports watches is particularly strong, driving up their price.

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In the material below, our Rolex buyers will cover some common questions that clients have when planning to sell a used Rolex watch to Chapes-JPL.
1) Does the state of the band affect the price when selling a Rolex in Rest Haven?
Yes it does. Selling a used Rolex with a tight (like new) original band will bring you a higher cash offer than if the band is loose and older looking.
2) Can I sell a used Rolex watch in Rest Haven even if it is not working?
Yes, you can. This may be surprising but you can often sell a Rolex watch that is not working for a price that is not far below the price of a used Rolex in working condition. The reason for this is that professional Rolex buyers can ordinarily have a Rolex that is not working repaired for a reasonable price.
3) Will I get close to the retail price when selling my Rolex?
Your cash offer will be based on the particular Rolex model that you would like to sell, as well as its condition. There are certain vintage Rolex sports watches (such as the GMT-Master, Daytona, and Submariner) that we currently are purchasing for 1000s of dollars more than their original retail price — due to limited availability and high demand.

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However, many pre-owned Rolex watches do not hold their value as strongly as the sports models mentioned above. You still can expect a generous cash offer for such Rolex timepieces from Chapes-JPL.

But it is unlikely that it will be close to the retail price. Just as when a car driven off a lot immediately depreciates in value some 20-30%, many Rolex watches immediately depreciate in value once it has been bought.

The best way to find out how much your Rolex has increased or depreciated in value is to contact Chapes-JPL today for a free valuation.

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