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Gold Buying
At Chapes-JPL, we put the same integrity behind buying, whther Rolex watches, name brand timepieces, gold, silver or jewelry. Our experienced appraisers will give the highest possible return for your unwanted watch pieces and jewelry items. We even factor in gemstones and diamonds that are on the items to the price we give you on the value of the gold.

What We Buy:
Rolex Watches
Sterling Silver
Dental Gold

Why sell to Chapes-JPL?
Trusted Local Source
Competitive, Fair & Consistent Pricing
NO Appointment needed – just walk in
Excellent Customer Service
Professional Atmosphere
Our staff know the market and you’ll benefit from their expertise in getting the most for your valued one-of-a-kind treasures.

How does the process work?
Just bring your valuables to any of our Rolex buying location listed on the contact form. NO appointment is necessary. A price sheet with that hour’s current value rate will be available for you. Your items will not leave the store. We will evaluate your pieces, and you will be supplied an offer on the spot.

Where should we sell our gold?
The best Jewelry stores are members of reputable jewelry board organizations, when choosing where to sell your gold this could be an important factor in the decision making. Some of the organizations that ensure professional practices are being constituted by adhering to industry codes are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), DCA (Diamond Council of America), JA (jewelers of America. These organizations are the authority in the Jewelry trade for business ethics, industry knowledge and professionalism

The most important factor in your relationship with your jeweler is TRUST. Establishing that is often based on your personal experience and impressions, recommendations from family and friends, business reputation, community relationships, online reviews and board certifications. To ensure you are getting fair market value for your valuables make sure that you are selling your gold to a reputable gold dealer that has been in business long enough to establish a good reputation and that is board certified to buy and sell gold and diamonds.

Can I sell my diamond ring or Rolex watch, can I sell my silverware?
Absolutely, we will give you prices not just for the fair market value on scrap gold but also factor market values on specific items like antiques, diamonds and luxury brands.

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