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There are many reasons people decide to sell jewelry. Regardless of the circumstances, a respectful experience and the best offer price for their jewelry and watches is what most people appreciate. We have a conveniently located office in Snellville that is comfortable and private. Children and pets are welcome and parking is convenient and free. People from all over the Seattle area regularly come to Snellville to sell fine jewelry buyer.

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Selling your jewelry can be an emotional process. At Snellville our clients are met with personal service and unparalleled expertise and experience. We consistently pay higher prices because we are in constant contact with all segments of the market and therefore understand true value.

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Unlike the vast majority of antique and estate jewelry buyers, Snellville sells directly to the end user—our discerning retail clients and collectors all over the world. We exhibit at all the nation’s major antique shows and maintain an international client list

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We will provide every customer with a written offer based on the items that they have for sale. Many people do decide to share their personal circumstances with us, like when selling an engagement ring they no longer want, but we will not ask why someone is selling or how much they want for their items. We will make offers objectively based on the items themselves.

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When making an offer for jewelry, gold or when buying watches we will ask for identification and contact information and our written offers will be good for a minimum of 30 days (offers for buying gold & silver to be recycled may track the spot price of gold).

Please bring any appraisal paperwork or certificates and watch boxes and any details known about the pieces.

More information always assists in the evaluation and offer process. For important pieces and buying large diamonds, we may require additional certification.
Payment for all purchases will be with a Wells Fargo business check. All purchases will be recorded and uploaded to Leads Online, as mandated.

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