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Here at Chapes-JPL we understand that jewelry can hold sentimental value. That’s why, when you make the decision to sell your jewelry, we want you to know that it is in the very best hands. Our mission is to help our clients sell their jewelry the smart way, by offering a secure, streamlined process that allows them to get the highest market price for their items at auction in jewelry buyer.

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Get a Trending Market Price. Tell us a bit about your jewelry, we’ll survey the market and similarly auctioned items and show you its auction potential.
Grading and Auction Preparation. Once your item arrives at our offices in South Fulton your jewelry is cleaned, professionally photographed, and sent for a complimentary diamond grading at a top gemological lab, such as GIA, so that you know exactly what you have.

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Auction. Professional jewelry buyers are invited to bid on your jewelry based on the flawless photographs and detailed report. You are able to watch the auction map live as the bids roll in.
Get Paid. If the highest offer meets or exceeds your reserve price, you get paid almost immediately. If not, you have the option to have your jewelry returned to you free of charge and fully insured.

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The immediate benefit of selling jewelry online is plain and simple – more offers. When working with a single jewelry buyer, the value of your jewelry is up to them at any given time. When there are multiple jewelry buyers, the true market value of your jewelry can more easily and accurately be determined.

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From a larger pool of demand comes a greater likelihood that a fair, even competitive offer will be made. Chapes-JPL taps into this very concept with the Chapes-JPL auction platform.

Once your diamond or jewelry has been graded by an accredited lab (such as GIA or IGI), professional, trusted jewelry buyers from Chapes-JPL’s Buyer Network are invited to bid on it.

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