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8Kt- 24Kt. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, any color gold. Jewelry from your ex, jewelry your mother in law gave you. Gold nuggets, placer gold. Sterling silver chains, bracelets, rings. That old silver belt buckle your grand dad passed down to you. Sterling silver flatware – forks, knives, spoons, serving pieces. You don’t use it anymore, so sell it in jewelry buyer.

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Old U.S. coins, silver coins, gold coins, platinum coins. We’ve paid over $15,000 for a rare silver dollar. $2,200 for a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent. Old U.S. paper money 1923 and earlier.
Diamonds, large and small. Pretty and ugly. We pay more for graded diamonds. We’ve bought diamonds as large as 16.92ct (VS clarity!). We will out bid the other jewelers.

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Why sell to us?
We’ve been helping folks get the highest dollar for their treasures since 1988 GIA Graduate Gemologist & GIA Diamond Expert on staff Member of National Society of Jewelry .FREE Evaluations and Get paid on the spot.

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we gotta start with the quality of the jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. Long after you forget about how the salesperson treated you, long after you forget about the price you paid, you still have that diamond ring. And you’re going to love it for years and years. Because we are super picky on quality, you benefit. This goes along with the next point…We aren’t pushy.

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If you have to be pushy to be a great salesperson, then we aren’t great salespeople. We try to live by the golden rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” And no one likes to “be sold to”. High pressure sales tactics? We don’t even know how to use those. Didn’t take that class.

We want you to get a great deal! One of the things that makes us feel really good is to hear folks tell us how happy they are that they got a better diamond for less money.

Happy customers tell their friends and family. And we love making them happy too.

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