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Watch Loan Belvedere Park, GA

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Pawning an item, such as a ring or a TV, is borrowing money. When you pawn the ring or the TV, you are leaving that item as collateral for the money you borrow. The loan is due in four months. In addition, we give a 30-day grace period within that time. You can pay the interest due or redeem the watch loan.

Belvedere Park Watch Loan

Pawning vs Buying Outright
Please don’t try to pawn any item that does not belong to you unless you have the owner’s permission to pawn it. State law requires that we use one of four identification cards, including:
cash and jewelry
Driver’s license
State-issued ID card
Military ID
U.S. passport
Matrícula Consular

Without one of those IDs, we are prohibited from making a loan or buying anything. Every item we pawn or buy is listed on a form that the customer must sign. The customer must also place a thumbprint on this form, which is then turned over to the local police department.

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Our Pawning Procedures
While jewelry and watch loan what our customers pawn the most, we also make loans on stereo equipment, tools, computers, entertainment equipment, cameras, games and gaming equipment, coins, stamps and some sports equipment, to give you a brief list.

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Things We Won’t Pawn
With exceptions, we pawn just about anything of value. Some of the things we don’t pawn are:
Cell phones
Automotive items
Exceptionally fragile items
If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us today.

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Don’t let old watches languish in your house. Bring it to us at Chapes-JPL and turn it into cash. We buy watches. Whether you’ve got watches from past relationships or your grandmother’s that just aren’t your style, let us take a look at them. With over 40 years in the business, you can trust us to give you a fair price.

Depending on the value, you may also decide to trade unwanted pieces of estate jewelry for something more your style, like a musical instrument or power tool. Turn those old necklaces and pendants into a something you want or need.

Do you have valuable watches that need to go to a more appreciative home? Bring them in for an evaluation. Because we sell jewelry, we are always looking for collectible and popular watches to add to our inventory. Turn a pocket watch into a pocketful of cash.

Think of Chapes-JPL when you are looking to pawn or sell watches and jewelry. Our prices are often better than those of traditional watches stores.

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