Cartier offers some of the world’s finest jewelry collections with romantic designs that have filled many jewelry boxes belonging to the rich and famous worldwide.  Although the jewelry company originally began in Paris, today the well-known jewelry manufacturer has more than 200 stores in 125 countries.  Here in the United States, the boutique Cartier shop on 5th Avenue in New York City is what most often comes to mind.

The Cartier Santos watch was the commencement of the Cartier wristwatch collection for men back in 1904.  Before production of the Santos, men fancied pocket watches, but an aviator friend by the name of Albert Santos-Dumont (who was discouraged with the inability to use a pocket watch while in flight) motivated Louis Cartier to design a more efficient timepiece.

By 1912, Cartier had multiplied their wristwatch collection to include the Baignoire and Tortue.   And within five more years, the Cartier Tank collection was born.  Today, Tank watches include an assortment of more than thirty designs, including the Tank Americaine, Louis Cartier and the newest model which was introduced in 1996, the Tank Francaise.

Owning a Cartier watch, Trinity ring, Love pendant, bracelet, or any other fine piece usually offers a source of loan leverage.  There are countless gold and silver buyers urging people to sell Cartier, Tiffany, Rolex, Breitling and other real assets to get cash.  However, selling your jewelry is not always a logical answer.  Why would you sell a diamond, gold or any other valuable piece when these items will provide financial security for years to come?

The primary reason Chapes JPL started business in Atlanta back in 1980 was to provide alternative financing for people who either had bad credit, or simply needed a loan faster than the bank lending process allowed.  Before Chapes, the only other source for Cartier loans was a typical pawn shop.  And with a standard pawn shop loan, the interest rates are often as high as 25% per month without the ability to make payments towards the principal amount.

How are Chapes jewelry buying and asset based lending services different?

  • We pay typically as much as 50% higher values;
  • Loan amounts can be as high as $5 Million and our rates are less than 10% (as much as 90% less than the average pawn lender);
  • Our lending methods allow customers to make payments towards the principal amount at anytime during the loan (which makes it much easier for customers to pay off their loans)
  • We do not check credit, job status or any other financial records;
  • Appraisals are all performed in private and in upscale offices in highly secure financial buildings in the best parts of town;
  • Both services offered at Chapes (jewelry loans and jewelry buying) are performed within about twenty minutes and the client leaves with a check in hand;


To find out how your Cartier jewelry, chronograph watches, cufflinks, American Gold Eagle coin, or other fine assets can help out during hard times, chat with us online or contact us today!

All valuable loan pledges are photographed, insured and safely kept in bank vaults until loans are completed.

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