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Those who have owned an Audemars Piguet watch know that they are excellent investments. These popular timepieces retain their value for many years. Some even sell for more than they cost new. While it is possible to find a pre-owned Audemars Piguet watch that’s priced below its retail value, the vast majority will hold their value over time.

Les’ hand-picked manager gave out pawn tickets and cash in the same line

Les’ hand-picked manager, Seth, had an idea to speed up the line and improve efficiency. Unfortunately, the change led to longer lines and frustrated customers. Les decides to take another approach. The resulting conflict sparked an internal crisis, and he is forced to rethink his strategy.

Les’ grandfather’s pawn shop was the scene of a robbery years ago. The pawn shop was run down so fast that they ran out of money. This caused them to suspend purchases and accept new pawns. Despite the difficulties, the sale of a diamond bracelet is nearly lost. Thankfully, Les has a secret weapon in his safe box. Ashley and Seth are also reunited after a long absence.

Les has plans to open another location and plans to hire Seth and Ashley to manage the new store. The pawn shop has a long line, and the employees are a bit obnoxious. However, the owners are still on the lookout for an assistant manager. Les wants one of these two to take over the shop.

Les’ hand-picked manager was not watching over his staff and has no interest in changing the system. They had to deal with a customer who was unhappy with the quality of his television, who tried to buy it by mistake. Les believes the man is cheating on his girlfriend, but Seth is not convinced.

Les is not satisfied with his new location and decides to purchase Premier Jewelry from Seth and Ashley. Seth and Ashley have a fight over this. Luckily, the two decide to work together to run the new store, but Seth blames Ashley for the situation.

Les’ plan resulted in longer lines and irate customers

Les’ plan resulted in longer lines, irate customers, and a less-than-pleasant atmosphere at the luxury watch store. But the watchmakers’ dominance has remained stable. Both the value and demand for luxury watches have continued to rise. In 2017, demand exceeded supply, with social media contributing to the uptick. The secondary market for the most popular models increased 15 percent year over year.

The shop’s employees disagree about Les’ plan. Seth complains that employees are buying merchandise that they can’t resell. Ashley is less than pleased, and she tries to play peacemaker by luring Seth into an argument. However, Seth doesn’t want to forgive Les, and he decides to let Seth run the store as he sees fit.

Seth is a security guard in the store. Seth is frustrated with the lack of supervision by his crew. Seth tries to change Les’ system, but he doesn’t want to restructure the store’s merchandising. The shop owner refuses to change his plan, despite Les’ complaints.

Les’ plan resulted in irate customers and a more difficult atmosphere than expected. The store is overstocked with unsuitable items, including an irate former employee. Les’ plan resulted in more customers in a more crowded shop and longer lines. Eventually, he had to sell a 1941 Chevrolet to save his face.

The new plan is a disaster. Employees are not tending to customers and are unable to keep up with the increased number of customers. Ashley and Seth’s staff are unresponsive to the customers’ complaints. Seth is not able to make decisions about the purchase of an out-of-style gold chain. Les finally tries to solve the issue by tossing a coin.

Seth blames Ashley

The two argue at the pawn shop, and Ashley is angry. Seth accuses her of low-balling on an item she would have gotten a better deal on. Ashley is rude, and breaks a deal. Les intervenes to make things right. A man tries to pawn his great-grandfather’s skeletal foot (which was amputated during World War I). Another man, the coach of a local Little League team, tries to pawn a radar gun.

Ashley, meanwhile, blames Les for Ashley’s pawn shop deal. Ashley’s Audemars Piguet is worth less than Ashley’s, but Seth wants the money. He doesn’t like Ashley’s $350 offer. Seth also wants Ashley’s game system, but he’s not happy with its price.

Ashley also tries to sell a fake roulette wheel for cash. Les becomes concerned about Ashley’s rude behavior, even though she doesn’t realize she’s playing a game. Ashley eventually quits the pawn shop in tears. Les, meanwhile, buys a box of sports trading cards from a crappy woman.

Ashley and Seth have an ongoing feud over the diamond cutter, which escalates into a fight in front of Les and Ashley. Les and Ashley are left with a difficult decision: who should run the new store. After a fight, Les decides to make the final decision. Ashley and Les have to decide who will run the new location. They disagree and Les blames Ashley for the situation.

The two pawnshops have a number of odd customers. A retired Detroit Red Wings ice hockey player, Darren McCarty, stops by and tries to sell an alligator skin for cash. Later, the pair hire him to sell Red Wings jerseys, which is a big mistake, as one of them has a piece of clothing with Darren’s name on it. The shop also gets a visit from a woman trying to sell a fox fur coat. The woman insists that it’s a mink, but she has no idea what she’s selling. Another young man, a guy, tries to sell an electric guitar for cash because he needs to get a DNA test.

Seth refuses to leave the shop after the pawn payment goes sour

Ashley, who had been tasked with being a peacemaker, lures Les and Seth into a shop fight. Seth refuses to forgive Les and is determined to run the pawn shop the way he wants it. Meanwhile, a drunk man tries to sell a gold sports ring to pay off his DUI charge. But Seth isn’t willing to let the man leave the shop until he can make up his mind.

Seth also starts imposing new security measures at the shop. After Joe’s arrest in the previous episode, his employees are not happy with the new security measures. They thought that Seth went too far when he announced that they would have to search their bags and even their bodies.

In a later episode, Seth learns that American Jewelry has been running out of loans for two months. Ashley blames him for the problem, but he’s not the only one responsible for the shop’s shortfall. It turns out that the clerks were giving too little money for the items they were selling. Because of this, potential customers were walking away from the store. Seth also finds out that Ashley has plans to bring Seth and Ashley together.

During this time, the pawn shop also witnesses many other bizarre incidents. A retired Detroit Red Wings ice hockey player comes into the pawn shop to sell an alligator skin. Les hires Darren as a new employee. Darren also sells Red Wings jerseys with Darren’s name on them. Another instance is when a woman tries to sell a fox fur coat, but Les tells her that it’s a fake and it’s not worth the money.

The shop’s employees are also constantly dealing with various people. Ashley’s rude behavior towards Les and Seth’s employees is one of the most common episodes. The staff tries to help Ashley and Les in every way possible, which often involves sabotaging Seth’s business.

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