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Chapes-JPL in Chattahoochee Hills is a High Paying Buyer and Pawnbroker specialist who are among the top watch buyer in Chattahoochee Hills. Aside from buying, selling and Pawning on anything of value. We strive to be a pawnbroker and watch loan specialists you can trust, where instant payment is always available with as many Pawns as possible.

Chattahoochee Hills Watch Loan

Our superior customer service is unmatched in the industry because we believe in building a relationship with you 1st. We are experts in the pawnbroker and Precious Metal Buying industries, always giving you the highest payment for your gold, silver, platinum, coins, bullion, diamonds, jewelry, watches, electronics, art, antiques, tools, ATV’s, boats, motorcycles, watch loan and heavy industrial machinery. If your looking for a great deal on a variety of merchandise or need a Pawn visit Chapes-JPL.

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At our Chattahoochee Hills store, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer exceptional customer service. We pay more, and we will Prove It!!! on watches, gold and silver jewelry, more than our competitors and have a wider variety of gently used, unique and inexpensive items for sale.

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Our store and Pawn shop centers are clean, organized and above all welcoming to folks from all walks of life. Whether you need instant cash for a bill, or it’s just a rough month, Chapes-JPL are here to help. We will offer you a hassle-free Pawn with unbelievable customer service and you will walk out with instant payment. NO LIMITS $10.00 to $100,000!!!!!

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The basic premise of Chapes-JPL is simple. The fact is pawnbrokers existed long before banking institutions became an everyday part of our society. A Pawn shop is unique because the consumer is able to obtain a Pawn by simply leaving collateral (merchandise of some value) with the pawn broker for the amount of time that he/she needs. If the customer repays the Pawn within the allowable time frame, the collateral (merchandise) is returned to the customer.

If the customer defaults on the Pawn (does not pay the money back), at the end of the specified time frame, the pawnbroker then keeps the collateral — and the customers owe nothing. The pawnbroker may then sell the merchandise (former collateral) to recover the Pawned amount.

No credit/Bad credit by leaving collateral with the pawnbroker acts as the sole condition of the Pawn. The customer does not need to qualify for a Pawn by having good credit, a bank account, produce a current pay stub or provide any kind of references. All the customer needs to do is provide acceptable identification and collateral (merchandise of value) to the pawnbroker as protection against default on the Pawn.

Aside from being Top Jewelry and Precious Metal Buying specialists we pride ourselves on being educated in all forms of the Pawnbroker industry. All transactions whether it be buying, selling or acquiring a Pawn must take place at one of our centers, however we will come to you in certain instances to see and evaluate items of collateral. For example, if you have multiple items you need a Pawn on or an art collection, you’re nervous about moving. This is based on a case by case basis so please contact Chapes-JPL for availability or set up an appointment. Come in or call us TODAY! Thanks for visiting our website!

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