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Pawn Tiffany For Cash in the Pacific Beach, San Diego Area

If you’re thinking of selling your Tiffany jewelry, there are several options for you to get cash for your old pieces. You can try pawn shops or even local jewelry stores. They may pay less than you’d expect, but it’s worth trying them first before you sell your old pieces.

Maxferd Beverly Hills

While the show makes a great deal of cash, the business side of things is even better. The team’s efforts to promote the Beverly Hills pawnshop have paid off. The reality show has attracted an audience of about two million viewers a week, and Dina’s business has grown exponentially.

Maxferd Jewelry and Loan of Beverly Hills is a full-service pawnshop and loan company specializing in jewelry repair, purchases, and trades. The team offers top dollar for valuables and keeps customer identities confidential. The goal is to provide customers with a positive experience every time.

While pawn shops are often associated with old televisions, electric guitars, and Timex watches, these stores are also filled with rare items and a plethora of luxury items. You’ll find anything from fully restored E Type Jaguars to 14th century Chinese jade. Even the contents of an aging movie star’s wine cellar can be found here!

Dina’s celebrity clientele and tourist trade have added to her business. She even receives emails from foreign clients. In fact, she is headed to Texas soon to examine a prospective client’s jewelry collection, which could be worth up to $3 million. The potential client said she would be willing to travel to Texas to see what this collection looks like.

The Dina Collection has a vast selection of fine art, watches, and jewelry. This location also offers loans up to $1 million on original works of art. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are seeking quick cash. Aside from fine art and antiques, the Dina Collection also has a large selection of diamonds and engagement rings.


Sending your Tiffany or other high-end jewelry in the mail can be a bit stressful, but Worthy makes the process painless. They ship your items through FedEx and insure them for up to $100,000. Then, you can drop them off at the nearest FedEx location, or schedule an appointment to drop them off at their New York office. Worthy also provides a shipping kit for your convenience.

Worthy’s service is unique in that it sells your jewelry to hundreds of certified buyers. It understands the value of Tiffany jewelry and treats it with the utmost care. You can also upload pictures of your pieces to receive a market value estimate. If you decide to sell your jewelry through Worthy, they’ll pay you within a few business days.

You can choose between cash or PayPal payment options for your jewelry. In addition to PayPal, Worthy also offers a bank transfer option to pay you faster. PayPal is the fastest method for receiving payment. However, if you prefer a check, you can also use the bank transfer option.

Selling your Tiffany jewelry can be a simple process. You may find that your Tiffany piece will be a favorite of someone else. This is because Tiffany jewelry is a classic and holds its value well. If you decide to sell your Tiffany jewelry, Worthy offers an online multiple-buyer auction platform.

A pawnshop that accepts Tiffany jewelry will be happy to pay you a fair market value for it. If you are unsure about its value, ask for an appraisal. It is likely that a pawnshop will be willing to offer you the best price possible. The appraiser will be upfront and honest, so be sure to ask questions before signing any papers. Afterwards, you can walk away with your cash!

PB Pawn

If you’re in the Pacific Beach San Diego area and are looking to sell or pawn items, PB Pawn and Jewelry is the place to go. They pay top dollar for items and you can sell or pawn them right away. In fact, they are one of the best places to sell or pawn your items.

Whether you’re looking for a loan or selling your jewelry for cash, PB Pawn and Jewelry will provide you with the cash you need to make a purchase. With their expertise in pawning luxury items, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a genuine deal.

A pawn shop is a great place to find Tiffany jewelry, because most pawn shops authenticate all items brought in. This way, you’ll know for sure that you’re getting a real Tiffany engagement ring. This San Diego pawn shop sells genuine Tiffany jewelry without the hefty retail luxury brand markup.

PB Pawn and Jewelry

If you’re looking to sell or pawn a piece of jewelry or other items in Pacific Beach, San Diego, then PB Pawn and Jewelry is the place for you. You’ll get the best deal for your items here. The prices are competitive and the staff is friendly.

PB Pawn and Jewelry offers an extensive range of services, including pawn loans and sell and buy services. Customers can feel safe in their knowledge that the items they’re buying are authentic. In addition, PB Pawn and Jewelry’s expert staff will answer any questions they may have.

PB Pawn and Jewelry is a great place to sell or pawn Tiffany jewelry for cash. Most pawn shops authenticate the items brought in, so you can be sure your used Tiffany engagement ring is authentic. Another great advantage of pawn shops is that they don’t charge high retail markups, so you can get a great deal on Tiffany engagement rings without paying the high retail price.

PB Pawn and Jewelry is open Mon-Sun, Mon-Wed, Thu-Fri and Sat. You can drop off or pick up your items at any time during these hours. They also accept online payments, so you can sell them in a few clicks.

While jewelry stores may have a vast selection of items, pawn shops typically offer the lowest prices. Most pawn shops price their items based on return-on-investment. Their prices are lower than regular jewelry stores or online marketplaces. The fun part is hunting through these shops to find the best deal.

Tiffany jewelry is a classic piece of jewelry that can be a great investment. Established in 1837, Tiffany has produced many iconic designs. Some of these include the 6-prong diamond ring of 1886. Other styles include Art Deco and Belle Epoque styles. Many of these pieces are still valuable today and will fetch you several thousand dollars or more if resold.

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