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CHAPES-JPL a watch loan is a simple easy way to get some cash. A pawn loan works like this; you bring us your stuff, we give you a loan, 30 days later you pay us back, we give you back your stuff. Our professional pawn brokers are experts in lending you more for your stuff.
At Chapes-JPL, we can offer you a loan over your watches, jewelry, gold, electronics, smartphones, tablets, computers, sports goods and more!

Dunwoody Watch Loan

Watch loans are a simple form of collateral credit. Pawn loans are given in exchange for an item that the pawnbroker, that’s what we call the person who gives the loan, holds onto as security, or collateral, until the loan is paid back. Once the pawn loan is paid back the item is returned to the customer.

Of course, that is the simple answer. There are a few other steps involved that people want to know about so here is an example of how it works.

It starts when a customer needs a loan and comes into one of our pawn shops with an item they would like to pawn.

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We lend anywhere from $5 to $10,000 plus depending on the value of the item that is being pawned. The value we put on an item varies as well. First, we consider the needs of the customer and start every interaction with a desire to get you what you need.

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We find that when we build relationships with our customers, it becomes less about the value of the stuff, and more about the value of the earned trust between the store and the customer.

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When we assess the value of the item, we look at its current value but we make the pawn loan based on the resale value of the item. The type of item being pawned and its condition makes a difference in the loan value as well. Some of the higher value loan items include:

Gold, high end watches and jewellery
Up to date electronics
Tablets and smartphones
Quality guitars and musical instruments

These items bring higher loans, but almost any item can be pawned including household goods, entertainment systems, tools, costume jewellery, and more. The basic rule is that if it is not illegal, and we don’t have to feed it or water it, we can likely give a loan on it.

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