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Sell Watch for Cash – How to Get Top Dollar For Your Watch

You can sell your watch for cash from a number of different places. The internet has made this process easier by giving buyers and sellers the opportunity to interact from all over the world. While many internet vendors operate in the same way, some have a different approach. For example, some might offer you a quote to buy your watch outright, while others will resell it. The best way to get top dollar is to sell your watch slowly over time.


If you want to sell your watch but do not have the time to list it for sale or have a buyer, you may want to consider using a consignment service. This service allows you to list your watch for sale on a website and wait for a buyer to buy it. However, you should be aware that this method will not guarantee you a sale. Unlike auctions, there is no guarantee of selling your watch at a high price. However, you can walk away with cash in 1 to 3 weeks.

If you have the time to put into advertising your watch, consider a private auction. Christie’s and Sotheby’s hold private sales to sell expensive and rare watches. These companies don’t charge sellers and offer you a fair price. The timeframe for selling a watch will vary from auction to auction, so make sure you know the terms of each service before signing up. Moreover, a good consignment service will give you an honest opinion about how long it will take for your watch to sell.

The commission rate on these services is 65% of the selling price, and you’ll receive payment within two weeks of listing your watch. You can choose from brands like Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, IWC, and more. You will be required to be present at the sale, and the payment will be issued within two weeks. You can’t use a previous consignment to qualify for an offer. Please be aware that commission rates may change, so be sure to ask for details before making a decision.


The pre-owned watch market is booming online, and the internet has opened doors to buyers and sellers from all over the world. Online retailers may operate in several different ways, such as offering you a quote for an outright purchase, or they may be willing to buy your watch and resell it. If you want to get top dollar for your watch, it may not be a wise choice to sell it for cash online.

In order to sell a watch for cash online, you should first find an authorized buyer. You can research buyers’ credentials by contacting the Better Business Bureau or looking at online reviews and ratings. Local collectors and shops may not be able to provide you with a fair price for your watch. Fortunately, online buyers work in a more streamlined manner. Once you find a buyer, you can sell your watch in just a few short minutes.

If you have a luxury watch, consider dropshipping to make the process faster. When selling online, you should choose a fast shipping method that costs you as little as possible. Regardless of where you sell your watch, it’s important to be sure that it’s packed well and labels properly. This way, you’ll make sure it is well protected and sold for top dollar. The best part about selling a watch online is that the process is convenient and hassle-free.


Selling a watch through an auction house is a lose-lose situation. While auction houses are a convenient way to sell a watch, many consumers do not realize the extra fees and commissions involved. A rational person would never purchase or sell a common watch through an auction. The process of selling a watch through an auction is textbook case of market manipulation. Here are some tips to make the watch auction process go as smoothly as possible:

Be prepared to pay a high fee if you win an auction. Major auction houses charge about 10% of the final selling price. Buyers may pay a buyer’s premium of up to 30%. A Rolex Cosmograph sold for 327,675 Swiss francs at the Antiquorum sale in Geneva. When you add up the buyer’s premium, you may end up spending half as much as you had anticipated.

When you buy a watch at an auction, make sure it is authentic. Authenticated pieces come with original papers and boxes. You don’t want to bid on an unauthentic piece and end up wasting your time and money. If you have a watch you want to sell, you should visit a watch auction. These auctions usually take place every year or bi-year. However, you may not want to sell a high-end timepiece if you are in a hurry.


If you want a quick cash boost, a pawnbroker may be the best option. Not only can you get money for your watch immediately, you also have the option to sell it back at a current value. The industry of pawnbrokers dates back to the 5th century, when pawnshops partnered with monasteries and were tax-exempt. Often, pawnbrokers offer about one-third of the value of the watch.

When selling a timepiece to a pawn shop, it’s best to keep it clean. Use rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn stains. It’s also helpful to remove the straps, if possible. The box that came with your timepiece should also be clean. If possible, include original paperwork with the watch. The paperwork can help the pawnbroker verify its authenticity. It also saves time if you bring the original packaging with your watch.

A pawnshop is a good option for people who need money fast. Because of the wide variety of items that they purchase, they often lack the expertise to offer a good price for luxury watches. Some pawnshops specialize in jewelry, but they’re unlikely to know a lot about Rolex watches. Unless you know a specific broker who specializes in watches and jewelry, you should be able to convince him or her of your watch’s value.

Jewelry stores

If you’re considering selling your old watch, you can look up how to sell watch for cash at jewelry stores on the internet. The Internet is a great source for getting the most money for your old jewelry, and it can even make the process much simpler. While national jewelry chains often offer in-store appraisals, you can also sell your watch for store credit online. While national chains don’t usually pay cash for watches, you’ll get a better trade-in value and will be able to sell your watch for more than you paid for it originally. Make sure you read the fine print before selling your watch if you don’t want to sell it at a national chain.

There are many types of jewelry stores where you can sell your watch for cash. Local jewelry stores are reliable, but they charge a high commission for consignment. Additionally, they usually take a long time to sell your watch. Be sure to research the reputation of your local store before selling your watch there. Pawnshops are another option, but they rarely pay a fair return for their items. Online, you can sell your watch on auction sites such as eBay. This online auction site has over one million jewelry items on sale at any given time, so you can find a fair price for your watch.

Consignment shops

Choosing a storefront for your consignment shop is crucial. While you will spend many hours at the store during your first months of business, location can either make or break your business. Before opening, spend some time researching the various neighborhoods in which you plan to open your shop. Learn more about the demographics of each area and look for other businesses in the area. Also, consider the demographics of your potential customers.

If you prefer an online consignment option, TheRealReal is a popular choice. After signing up, simply mail your watch to them. They will inspect your watch carefully and offer you two options – to receive cash instantly or list your item for a set price. If you choose the latter option, you can get your watch back within a month. This process does not require you to take any photos or sell the item.

The Buffalo Exchange is one of the biggest competitors in the consignment business. This chain has locations across the country, including Washington, DC. You can sell your items online or at one of their physical locations, and you’ll be paid a 30% commission. You can get paid cash the same day, and you can even receive store credit for your sale! The stores also pay a generous 20% commission on resale list prices and a minimum of $100.

Brick-and-mortar shops

The sales of watches at brick-and-mortar shops in the U.S. are dead. In fact, even the few high-end jewelers who are still open are selling essentially zero watches. The retail watch sales collapse, known as Coronageddon, is expected to last for at least a month. Physical dealers are also likely to close within a few weeks. Despite the dire news, some people are still turning to brick-and-mortar dealers to sell their watches for cash.

Shopping for a watch online is often confusing. Several websites will display the same watch but offer wildly different prices. You might end up bailing out of an online purchase and wait until you find the best price at a brick-and-mortar shop. Furthermore, you can’t try the watches on and examine them before making a final decision. Ultimately, a brick-and-mortar store offers a more personal experience.

Although brick-and-mortar shops sell watches for the best possible price, it is still possible to find a better price with an online marketplace. Typically, online platforms operate with less overhead than brick-and-mortar businesses, making them more inclined to offer higher prices. Buying a watch for cash is likely to yield the highest profit, but it is unlikely to bring you top dollar. There are some ways to maximize your potential for profit.

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