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How to Pawn Audemars Piguet For Cash

If you own a watch, you might want to consider pawning it for cash. Audemars Piguet watches are known for their quality and craftsmanship. The brand has won numerous awards and is considered one of the best in the world. However, you may have a difficult time selling your Audemars Piguet for cash. Here are some tips to help you sell your watch for cash.

Pawn shop runs out of cash

The Audemars Piguet watch is the most expensive piece of jewelry that the Pawn shop carries, and the shop runs out of cash just as the customer arrives to pay for it. The store is run by a couple who asks if the goods were stolen. A widowed husband tries to sell his late wife’s wedding rings. Another man tries to sell his funny car without a title. A woman with her boyfriend out of town tries to sell her laptop. Ashley’s husband doesn’t want it, so she refuses to buy it, but Les can’t help himself and begins to argue with the woman.

The shop is incredibly busy on the first day of the month. There are many people in line and everyone is trying to make a deal. Les Gold, the owner of the pawn shop, gets frustrated with one of these people and offers to buy her a new watch instead. Les has an ace up his sleeve in his safe box. The customer comes in with a mysterious cache of strange items that he wants to sell.

Les’s customers are a diverse bunch. Les is a former soldier who treats everyone like family. He also trains the employees in self-defense to protect them in the case of an emergency. Les also teaches them how to use guns. However, Les is not always that lucky.

Seth and Les try to find a solution. The shop has been short of cash for two months. The cash shortage is due to Ashley’s double standards. Seth finds out that the clerks are offering too little for the jewelry they receive. This is leading to many potential customers walking away from the shop. The staff also tries to get away with other items from people. Les is not able to stop these people from trying to sell their items.

While Les attempts to convince Seth and Ashley that selling items takes time, the customers are not convinced. Les and Ashley fail to convince Ashley that the merchandising system needs to change. Afterwards, Les tries to get rid of a fake Xbox 360 for a hefty amount. Another incident involves a Wisconsin man who tries to sell his daughter’s ring to pay for the repairs on his trailer.

Les threatens to rehire Amy

The new employees have a lot of work to do, and Les has plans to open a second location. He wants either Ashley or Seth to run the new pawn shop. Unfortunately, Ashley is less than pleased with the new boss, and the two argue in front of the customer.

Les and Ashley are forced to make tough decisions, and it’s not easy to work with Les and his family. He tries to get Ashley to work full-time, but she doesn’t agree. Despite Ashley’s cynicism, she eventually agrees to work with Les. Afterward, a couple comes in with gold dust, but Ashley is skeptical, and Les wants to run an acid test. Les’s employees also undergo gun training, and Les threatens to re-hire Amy.

Les puts Seth and Ashley on probation. The two employees are now on probation and will have to prove themselves to get their jobs back. This is an uncomfortable situation for both of them, but Ashley is relieved that Les is finally taking steps to protect his staff.

Ashley and Les’ customers are hesitant to work with Les, but eventually he agrees to work with them. The pawn shop also hosts several interesting characters. For instance, one woman comes in to pawn her Audemars Piguet for cash, but she refuses to believe it is silver. Les tries to convince her, but the woman refuses and threatens to re-hire Amy. The two women also have a gay black couple who try to sell her television for cash. When Les gets involved, it gets hairy quickly.

Another problem the store has is a lack of cash. Les’ company is struggling and his employees are making a lot of mistakes. Les has to work with Seth because Ashley has a lot of money. The problem is that American Jewelry has been short on loans for the past two months and is letting potential customers walk away. The company also has a problem with tickets to a Detroit Tigers game and a woman trying to sell an antique drugstore sign.

The shop’s staff are also the target of other problems. Ashley has a hard time working with Ashley, and she interferes with her complaint to Les. She is also a drug addict who buys jewelry for cash. Les wants to avoid contributing to her cocaine habit and Ashley has to leave the pawn shop in tears. A woman who’s facing divorce tries to pawn her ring for cash. Les tells her that her diamond has no value, but when Ashley butts Les, she has no choice but to rehire her.

Seth tries to sell an Audemars Piguet watch

Ashley worries that Les has too much work. A construction worker buys a set of power tools from Seth, but Ashley thinks the pawn shop has too many tools. Les, on the other hand, tries to sell a man’s rusted old Cabbage Patch Kids doll, which Les tries to pass off as his own.

Seth worries that a power outage in Detroit might affect his sales, but Les insists that the problem will be solved by his backup generator. However, the power outage knocks out the pawn shop’s computer system. Seth is left with no option but to handle the situation himself. Seth is distracted by a man trying to sell him a watch, but gets mocked when he can’t make the deal.

In the previous episode, Seth had chosen to stay home instead of working, but he now has no choice but to fix the computer system. Meanwhile, a customer is given the wrong ring because of duplicate numbers on pawn slips. Ashley and Seth work to retrieve the right one before the impatient customer returns to the store.

Ashley is dissatisfied with Seth’s performance. Ashley is determined to gain Les’ respect and avoid reiniting the family feud. Another episode finds Les attempting to scam Seth by selling a 10-year-old television. This man’s item is too old to be sold at the pawn shop, but the man is desperate for cash for his daughter’s autopsy. Ashley is also upset with Les’ lack of professionalism with a woman trying to sell an antique eagle statue and a signed Jackson 5 concert program.

Seth finds out that American Jewelry has been short of loans for the past two months. He blames Ashley for the problems in the loan department. But he soon finds out that the clerks were offering too low prices for jewelry, and that potential customers were walking out the store. Seth and Ashley are left with a big problem.

Les’s watch ends up being worth $42,000. A fake is worth much less. Seth and Ashley are skeptical about Les Dawson. After they get the watch, they confront the seller. The seller agrees to return Les’s money. However, Seth has a bad feeling about Les.

Les tries to sell an empty bottle of high-end whiskey

A woman tries to sell Les an empty bottle of high-end whiskey for money. Les gets angry, and she demeans him. Ashley steps in and defends him. The value of the empty bottle of whiskey depends on proper documentation, but Ashley isn’t satisfied with that. Les is determined to make the sale, but the situation turns out to be too complicated.

Les refuses to buy the stereo from a woman. The woman blames Les, and Les refuses to sell it. Another woman wants to sell a statue of an old woman in a bathing suit. Les and Ashley are not happy with her decision, but Ashley is. When Ashley realizes that the earrings are fake, the woman gets upset. Ashley is angry with Les, and he intervenes. Meanwhile, a man tries to pawn an empty bottle of high-end whiskey for a large amount of cash. Ashley also refuses to buy Les’s printer, but the man wants a lot more than Ashley asks for it.

Seth believes that younger employees are more likely to be better sellers. However, he isn’t convinced. Seth berates Rich for not doing his job, and Rich is upset that Seth thinks he’s too young to run the business. Throughout the episode, the staff members try to sell items. One woman attempts to sell a PlayStation 3 and another woman sells fake Cartier sunglasses. The man also refuses to believe that Seth is the manager. Eventually, the shop owner is forced to hire a secretary. The store also encounters a woman attempting to sell a fake Journey concert ticket. Les suspects that it is a fake, but she’s not going to leave.

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