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Why Pawning Your Watch With CHAPES-JPL Could Be Right For You?
Pawning a watch to a pawn shop can be a very frightful and stressful proposition to say the very least. At Chapes-JPL we take all of the stress and anxiety out of the transactions. The primary issue that most people have is that the traditional pawn shop loans a very small amount on very valuable watches. How can a Rolex Loan that cost’s over $8,000.00 new only be worth $1,000.00?

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Simple answer, it can’t be and we share in that view point. At Chapes-JPL we are aware of the real value of your watch and have no issues lending amounts the reflect the real market values. We maintain strong relationships with many auction houses as well as many of the largest most reputable used watch dealers in the nation in order to stay current on the actual valuations of watches. We will take the time needed to properly show you the valuation of your watch in concrete terms. We want our customers to be empowered and as happy as can be when taking out a Rolex loan in the pawn

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The Chapes-JPL Difference
When pawning a watch with Chapes-JPL you can be assured that your valuation will be explained directly to you. There will never be any guess work or arbitrary decisions made about the value of your watch. Most importantly, the best part of boring money from us is the interest rate that we charge. Most loans are ten percent per month with certain loans, based on value, as low as one percent per month. While that may seem like a lot, it is half of what other pawn shops charge. We are one of the only pawn shops in Houston that even offer loans up to $17,250.00 on a single item. Furthermore, there are no limits to the amount of loans that you can have outstanding to us at any time. So, if you have more than one watch and need $50,000.00, we have a solution for you. On top of this, we are offering the most secure and state of the art security system that ensures that you valuables stay yours.

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What If I went Somewhere Else First?
Again, we are here to help out where we can. If you have taken your watch somewhere else before and feel that the interest that they charge is too much, or that you need more money and the other shop isn’t willing to help; we can help. We are always able to transfer your current loan from a different shop to our store. At a minimum we will save our clients in the form or reducing interest per month that is charged, and in most if not all cases we actually can add money to our client’s pockets. Add that to the fact that we are the only pawn shop in the area that uses a state-of-the-art App to empower the customer to have total control over their account. This allows for our customers to make payments 24hrs a day from anywhere on the planet.

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Why We Know Our Stuff
Chapes-JPL started out as a large player in the used watch world. We combined the two companies and maintained our standings in the used watch community keeping up to date on all of the current market trends. We have been involved with the fine watch business since 1995 and have seen many changes in the industry during that time. With that, we have submitted several items to major auction houses as well as continually maintain a presence on all of the watch forums and internet auction sites. We stay involved because watches are one of our most favorite parts of the pawn business. Located in the heart of Buford, we are just minutes away from just about everywhere. Come down or give us a call if there is anything, we can ever do to try to help you out.

Factors That Affect Values:
Box and papers
Original parts
Addition of after-market parts
Overall condition
Gold prices

We offer our clients the following:
10% per month interest loans on watches valued up to $1,380.00.
All loans are 100% confidential.
All loans can be extended past their original due dates.
No limits on the amount of loans a person can have.
Easy repayment terms for all clients.
All watches are stored in our state-of-the-art vault and safe system.
Loans up to $17,250.00 at rates as low as 1.0% per month
All watches are fully insured while in our care.

At Chapes-JPL we recognize that hard times happen to even the best of us. We have been there when the banks say no, the credit cards are maxed out, and you have no place to turn. So, we are here to extend a helping hand to our clients. We promise to treat all our customers with respect, dignity, and compassion. There are a lot of places to borrow money from, but none are as convenient and generally nice as Chapes-JPL.

Chapes-JPL is not affiliated with Rolex USA or any other fine watch company. We deal in only used watches no matter the condition and in no way deal in new watches.

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