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✓ 1st Business to Offer Asset-backed Loans Online
✓ 75% of Our Transactions are From Return Customers
✓ Get Between $500 to $5,000,000 Backed by Your Luxury Assets
✓ Capital for Payroll, Inventory & Operating Expenses
✓ Time-sensitive & Discrete Interactions
✓ Property is Safely Secured in Our 24-hour Monitored Storage Center

At Chapes-JPL, we provide solutions to your cash flow needs. Whether you borrow against a luxury asset or sell one to us, we can get you the money you need in as little as 24 hours.

Hapeville Rolex Loan

The Chapes-JPL is an innovative online lending company, providing a convenient and discreet method for all your cash flow and loan collateral needs in Rolex Loan. For many of our clients, partnering with our luxury exchange stems from the realization that a large collection of luxury assets is a valuable, untapped financial resource.

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Our experienced team of luxury goods experts possesses the knowledge and professionalism to accurately assess the value of a wide variety of assets. Here’s a full list of the assets that we accept at The Lux Exchange. If you have a high-end item that you’re interested in exchanging for loan collateral, but you don’t see it on this list, we invite you to contact us to discuss your options in further detail in Rolex Loan.

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High-end jewelry is one of our clients most popularly exchanged items, primarily because many people have at least a few pieces that they don’t wear regularly.

Luxury Watches
Luxury watches are a popular, often unworn gift or collectable that contain too much sentimental value to sell, but utilizing them as loan collateral is a natural alternative.


You may have a collection of diamond jewelry in your possession, but much of it is likely reserved for special occasions.

Instead of collecting dust, your rarely-worn diamonds can earn their keep by serving as the source of a collateral loan.

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Designer Handbags & Accessories
Handbags and accessories may go out of style, but they often retain significant value despite the passing trend.

Luxury Cars
Vehicles take up a considerable amount of space, but they also possess excellent potential in terms of valuable loan collateral.

Fine Arts & Collectibles
Rather than taking up space on a storage shelf, your fine art pieces and collectibles can provide you with a smart source of funds.

Apple Products
Keeping up with the latest Apple products means that you likely have several old models in storage, ready and waiting to earn you extra money.

Gold & Precious Metals
Avoid the temperamental gold trade-in market and the hassles of dealing with gold and precious metals dealers, working with our team instead for an easy and quick solution.

Real Estate
For a source of significant funds without the frustrating title transfers or credit checks, Chapes-JPL can help you utilize your real estate assets as loan collateral.

Perhaps you’re looking for a quick and simple source of funds for an unexpected life event, like a medical situation or a divorce. Or, perhaps you have a celebratory occasion coming up, like a family wedding or a child going off to college. For many of our clients, a new business venture or hobby purchase is their motivating force. Whatever your reasons for seeking convenient loan collateral for your luxury assets, Chapes-JPL is happy to be your trusted partner.

Contact our professional team to learn more about how we can guide you through our online luxury exchange program.

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