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Rolex Loan Jonesboro, GA

In today’s tough economy, many Jonesboro and Georgia residents are looking for ways to make more money. A quick way to make money is pawning or selling your Rolex watches, gold, jewelry or other name brand watches to stores or pawn shops in Jonesboro. Whether you want quick cash, with no credit check at a low interest rate or get cash for jewelry, we’ll buy your unwanted gold jewelry or offer cash on jewelry at Chapes-JPL.

Looking to sell your gold or get fast and easy cash? Before you visit jewelers or pawn stores in Jonesboro, expect a few things to ensue. First, your gold will be weighed and tested. Then the gold buyer will present you with a quote. If you decide to take the offer, necessary paperwork will be filled out. Lastly, a check or cash will be present. Chapes-JPL makes pawning very easy and fair because we rely on word of mouth and repeat business for over 40 years.

The authenticity and value of your Rolex will determine its collateral asset loan amount. Pawning or selling Gold? Weight of gold helps determine its value but you have to keep in mind pawn shops and jewelers in Jonesboro may differ how they weigh gold jewelry. The standard measurement is called the Troy ounce but some places may use pennyweight to determine your gold value. Where and who you sell your gold to is just as important. At our secured facility, you’ll only deal with reputable and registered lenders, licensed in state of Georgia, and Federal compliant.

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