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Here are Chapes-JPL, is your source for Rolex Loan, Luxury Watch Buying. We want to pawn or borrowing is done on luxury watches, Rolex Watch, Cartier Watch, Breitling Watch, Patek Phillipe, & More. We Buy Luxury Pocket Watches too.

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Think about a great customer service experience, convenient, and a low price where you can pull up the app or website on your phone and locate/find your closest Pawn Shop location. Pop into the local jewelry partner, pawn shop, maybe even the local bank eventually if they become a Pawn Shop Partner. You have your information already on your phone like your license or identification.

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You have your luxury watch. You pull up the Pawn Shop app… locate your closest location and they already have your information so the process of the paperwork is already started. This is all digital by the way. You deposit your Rolex Loan watch. You get a printed invoice and digital of your choice and more importantly the cash you need right then.

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Collateral lending, pawn shop loans, are in itself micro collateral loan. That’s really what a pawn is for your Rolex. Well, enough about our vision that is going to change the paw industry in the future, by lowering the cost for all borrowers, allowing local Pawn Shop locations to partner & make money while holding your valuables. We want the under-banked to be better served in a professional way than the old and tired pawn business that has not changed EVER since pawn shop inception.

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We proudly buy, sell and trade luxury watches right from our Panthersville store. When it comes to buying and selling luxury watches, we know that there are a number of factors that go into determining the value of a piece. Here at Chapes-JPL, we have a team of luxury watch experts that can look at your luxury watch and give you a detailed appraisal on every item you own—whether you want to pawn or sell your watch for cash.

We work with some of the world’s top luxury watch brands and are experts about what makes these brands valuable. This includes some of the following notable brands.

Rolex Luxury Watches
There is no more revered or popular brand of luxury watches in the world today than Rolex. In fact, if you have a real vintage watch with the name Rolex on it, it is likely quite valuable. With these watches, the inside of the case back says “Rolex.” In 1908, the pair of watch makers registered the name “Rolex” and in 1915, officially changed their company’s name. Rolex is not only known for having some of the most expensive watches in the world, but they also are responsible for a number of innovations that have shaped the luxury watch market today.

This includes:
In 1910, Rolex made the first watch to earn chronometer certification.
Made the first waterproof wristwatch, the “Oyster” in 1926. In 1953, they created the first wristwatch case that was waterproof up to 100 m. This was the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner.
Creating the Rolex Date just in 1945, which was the first wristwatch that automatically changed the date on the dial.
In 1954, they created the first wristwatch to show two time zones at once with the Rolex GMT Master.

Rolex created the first wristwatch with an automatically changing day and date on the dial with the Rolex Day-Date in 1956.

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