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Rolex Loan Riverdale, GA

At Chapes-JPL, we are your one-stop local quick cash loans (pawn) against Rolex watches and other valuable assets. Chapes-JPL offers the opportunity to access low-interest loans with generous repayment terms without having to mess with the hassle presented by the bank.

We’re licensed and bonded for over 40 years in the state of Georgia, which means that when you do business with us, you get peace of mind in the process. Here are some of our services and how they can benefit you when you need to trade in your property or get money fast.

Low-interest loans
We’ll give you an instant loan in cash between the amounts of $ to $5,000,000 with agreed upon months to pay, based on any personal property you’re able to leave with us during your repayment period. If you need money quick, simply stop in with your valuables. You retain ownership of your property after we appraise it, and if you need a loan, we will hand you one—in cash—for the amount your property is worth.

When you have luxury items to borrow on and you need a sizable loan—for example, a small business loan—come in and talk to us about your options based on the value of your collateral.

Whether you need a loan, a quick cash infusion, Chapes-JPL appraisals are fair and honest, giving you maximum amount of cash at low interest rates.

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