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Rolex Pawn Shop

Rolex Loan Roswell, GA

Short-Term Collateral Loans
Chapes-JPL also provides short-term loans using your valuables as collateral. However, we are not your everyday pawn shop.

The only similarity between us and most pawn shops is that we’re governed by the same state laws when we lend money compared to a bank. We provide low interest, no credit check loans. In fact, we’ve lent millions of dollars since 1980, and have over 143+ positive reviews and are a triple A rated by the Better Business Bureau.
We work to provide clients with an honorable solution to their short-term cash needs. We allow them to keep their precious watches, jewelry, gems and other valuables.

Your Upscale Pawn Shop Destination
Chapes-JPL is not your typical pawn shop. Instead, it’s an upscale destination to pawn or sell jewelry for fast cash. We are an upscale pawnshop where you can obtain a collateral loan, or sell jewelry at a fair price.

Looking to pawn or sell your unwanted jewelry or get a short-term pawn loan to help you overcome a financial need? We offer immediate and competitive quotes. No credit checks needed. We offer secured on-site storage of your fine jewelry and valuables. Our GIA trained staff members can evaluate your gold and precious gems with a discerning eye. They ensure you get top dollar for the sale or loan of your valuable.

Attention Roswell, Georgia:
Whether you’re looking to lend against as collateral or sell an engagement ring, watches, a diamond bracelet or earrings, a high-end watch or other pieces of quality fine jewelry, our GIA trained staff experts will guide you through the process. If you’re looking to obtain a short-term pawn loan using your valuables as collateral, we can help. We’ll lend you cash on the spot.

We’ll protect your valuable items by storing them in a fully secured location

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