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Since we were founded in 1991, our goal has remained the same: To make our customers’ lives easier. We help hardworking, everyday people get quick access to cash and brand-name merchandise by pawning or selling quality items. We take pride in making this process easy.

Scottdale Rolex Loan

Make your Rolex Loan with us.
If you have a need for a quick cash loan, our pawn loan services are a great option to consider.

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Here’s how a pawn loan works:
1. Bring us any item of value.
2. We loan you cash.
3. Pay us back plus a small fee.
4. Pick up your goods.

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For items you no longer want or need, Chapes-JPL will buy many items outright. If you want the option to reclaim your items, pawning is the solution. Our pawn shops are simply the best source for fast cash loans. We pay more than the competition and we treat all customers with respect and care.

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Buy items at the lowest prices on the market. That’s jewelry, tools, electronics and more!
Doing some spring cleaning? Moving across country? Trying to make a little extra cash? No matter the reason, Chapes-JPL is a great place to bring the items you are thinking about selling.
We always consider working out fair trades for customers looking to be out with the old and in with new.
If you need a small loan, we offer pawns for up to $2000 based on the value of the item(s) you bring in. This is a safe, non-recourse way to get you where you need to be.

We loan you the cash and hold your item in a safe location until you are able to repay the loan and interest.

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