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If you’ve ever needed cash and have an Audemars Piguet watch, pawning your timepiece is a great option. The process is fast, secure, and easy. Audemars Piguet is a company that has been around for 150 years, and many of its models are iconic. If your watch is a popular model, you can expect to get a higher loan than if it’s a lesser-known brand.

Darren McCarty is a pawn shop employee

Darren McCarty is a pawning store employee. He makes a lot of mistakes. For example, he doesn’t make sure that a customer is actually buying an Audemars Piguet and then ends up selling the watch to someone else instead. In addition, Les is planning to open a second location and wants one of his employees to be the manager of the new store.

Darren’s pawn shop is hit with a number of unusual situations. A drug-addicted couple tries to sell their stolen goods to a pawn shop employee. They don’t want American Jewelry to contribute to Seth’s cocaine habit. Another customer is a woman who tries to sell her sex swing, but Les thinks it’s unsanitary. Les also deals with an angry woman who tries to redeem a pawn on her name alone.

Les treats employees like family, but Ashley has her doubts. She wants Les to stop buying things for Seth and blames him for causing the problems. Seth then buys a shoddy “new” carpet cleaner, which later turns out to have been used a few times before. Seth also failed to get cash the previous day, so he is planning to cash in more money on a banking holiday. He also tries to sell a customer’s designer eyeglasses for cash, but Les tells him that they are too expensive and not worth selling.

Another episode features an audemars Piguet salesman who makes cash selling the luxury brand. Les makes a sale at an online auction site, but doesn’t accept payment for his fake. Les’s pawn shop owner refuses to take Les’ trade-in without a receipt. Another episode features a man who tries to sell his “brand new” space heater, but loses his receipt in the wash.

Seth and Ashley take over operations at the pawn shop

When Seth and Ashley take over Les’s operations at the pawn shop, they find it a challenging and chaotic place. Les is suspecting that one of his employees is stealing items. The store is overrun with items that Les has never sold, including a man who tries to pawn a Playstation 3. Seth is not happy with this development and tries to find a way to make things better.

Les Gold has always operated pawnshops during recessions, but the most recent one has spawned a new phenomenon. The show, which stars Ashley Broad and Seth Gold and their 45 employees, has been a hit on truTV. It premiered to over 2 million viewers in August and is expected to expand nationwide.

Although Les and Ashley are father and daughter, Seth is the boss and thinks he is better than his father. He is also quick to yell and resent Ashley when she comes back to the pawn shop. He resents Ashley’s presence and argues about her shortcomings to his father. Seth is just as cheap as his father but is quicker to annoy customers. He has a sibling rivalry with Ashley, which leads him to be more abrasive and sneering.

The pawn shop has many customers, including many people who need financial help. The pawn shop has partnered with local charities, such as the Detroit Community Foundation, to give back to the community. The shop has opened many eyes to pawn shop customers.

Hardcore Pawn is a reality show that follows the day-to-day operations of a pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan. It follows the Gold family as they run the American Jewelry and Loan pawn shop. Les has two children, Seth, who is in charge of marketing, and Ashley, who is the assistant manager.

Les refuses to sell a car stereo

Les and Ashley have been feuding for a while after Les refuses to sell a car stereo for cash. Les has a plan to open a second pawn shop, and he’s determined to get one of his two sons to run it. Ashley and Seth both have an idea for the new location, but Les is having second thoughts.

In the second season, the men have their differences. Seth argues that the merchandising system needs to be overhauled, and Les refuses to change. Seth makes a good case, but Les still refuses to change anything.

In the third season, Les and Ashley open a second location. The main location is understaffed and Les’ employees start to complain about long wait times. Meanwhile, Les and Ashley face a number of bizarre situations. They try to sell a man’s watch, but he turns it down. Les has a solution.

Les also refuses to sell a car stereo. The owner of a pawn shop has no patience for infighting amongst his employees. One employee wants his jewelry back but won’t leave without a fight. Another employee wants Les to sell his car stereo for a higher price, but Les won’t sell it. Les doesn’t even show the man the pawn slip. Ashley and Seth feel that Les is treating Rich unfairly. The man is irate because he can’t show them the pawn slip. He later finds the slip in his pocket.

Ashley and Les are at odds over who will run the new location of the business. Ashley blames Les for the feud, but Les is forced to make a decision. Ashley and Les try to work it out, but Les has other plans. After a dispute, Ashley decides to sell a statue of an old woman in a bathing suit. Ashley tells Les to take it back. Ashley and Les have a customer complain about Ashley overcharging her, and Les has to step in to fix the situation. Ashley ends up selling the statue for much less than Ashley had expected. A rusted toy tractor is also brought in to sell, and Les is shocked when the woman says that it’s worth truckloads of cash.

Seth threatens Ashley with an argument over a pawn payment

Ashley and Seth are at odds over whether or not Les is right to suspend a security guard for cursing. Ashley tries to bring the two men together, but Les won’t let her forgive Les for the incident. Seth then decides to run the shop his way, and Les is unhappy with the result. The episode also features an argument over the sale of remote-controlled helicopters, an old stadium seat from Briggs Stadium, and a cleaver from the 1940s.

Seth discovers that American Jewelry has been short-handed for two months and is trying to blame Ashley for the problem. He also discovers that the loan department was giving out too little money for jewelry and this was causing potential customers to walk away. He also sees a man try to sell tickets to a Detroit Tigers game and a woman trying to sell an old drugstore sign.

The pawn shop owner is upset with the situation because Seth is threatening Ashley with an argument over a pawen payment for Audemars Piguet. He does this to make her angry. Seth then tries to convince Ashley that it takes time to sell an item. Ashley, however, is not so sure.

Les is fed up with the bickering between Seth and Ashley. He has plans to open a second location, and wants one of them to take charge of it. Les eventually separates Ashley and Seth. They work in different areas of the pawn shop.

After Les leaves the pawn shop, Ashley and Seth have a difficult time deciding what to do with the American Jewelry. Ashley wants respect, and Seth wants to avoid rekindling a family feud. However, Ashley finds that Seth and Ashley are both right to take the business back.

Seth tries to sell Audemars Piguet watch

Seth is on the hunt for cash, and in his quest, he pawns a valuable Audemars Piguet watch. He is convinced that the watch is worthless, but Rich informs him of the artist’s fame, which makes it worth more than he thought. Seth also meets a woman who tries to sell a broken watch, but she is not willing to make a deal because of its condition. Consequently, the customer is forced to get cash from a pawn shop, and Seth is in a quandary.

Ashley and Seth both work at the pawn shop. Ashley works in the office, and Seth oversees the store’s operations at the Pontiac location. Les has been hospitalized for a hernia, so Ashley and Seth took over the shop. After Les recovered, the pair had a brainstorm: the best person to work in the shop becomes the manager.

Les is concerned with Seth’s aggressiveness, and the two work out a plan to find a younger employee who is better at selling. He is also concerned about the short staffing in the main shop. Customers complain about long wait times. One of his first sales is a blown-out stereo system and another is an old DVD player. Les also pawns an old military aerial spy camera.

The shop’s CCTV has been down for the past few days. Fortunately, the surveillance has been fixed. But despite these precautions, Seth’s pawn shop has been a source of problems for customers.

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