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Watch Loan Suwanee, GA

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CHAPES-JPL is a fourth-generation pawn broker.
Originally founded with the principle of honesty, good value and great customer service.
Throughout the years we have built a reputation of THE PAWN BROKER to trust.

Suwanee Watch Loan

Our modern and secure store specializes in loans with the most competitive interest rates in the industry. We buy, sell, loan, trade or consign fine jewelry, fine Swiss watches and other valuables.

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If you are in need of immediate cash, we are at your service. At CHAPES-JPL every transaction is treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

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What items can I pawn?
While we make an individual decision on what to accept for watch loan for each transaction, there are items that we generally accept and some that we never accept.
Items we generally except for Pawn Loans:
Gold Jewelry
Diamond Jewelry
Gold Watches
High-end watches
Gold Rings
Gold Earrings
Gold Necklaces
Silver Coins
Silver Jewelry
High-end Handbags and Purses

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How do I get money?
Bring your watch, ring, gold or valuables to Chapes-JPL
We give you money – right away – and hold your item, until you’re ready to take it back.

What items can I use to get money?
Gold, silver, diamonds, high-end watches – and other valuables like gaming systems and some electronics. Call us or stop by to see what else we accept.

How much time does it take?
You can get money right away. Come to our store now – get money now!

How much does it cost?
We have the lowest rates in Las Vegas. We loan you money at 8% a month (120 day) loan. Other companies charge 13% a month for only a 90 day watch loan.

We are the best, cheapest, fastest way for you to get money.
How can I get my item back?

Take our money, leave your item with us, and when you make or win money – come back, and you can get your item back – right away.

Will you sell my item?
If we are holding your item for a Pawn loan, we will not sell it unless you fail to repay your loan. We will hold on to your item for at least 90 days after not receiving any payments.
Also, we have items for sale, if you want to buy!
Can I trust you?
Yes. Honest and trustworthy. We have been in business since 1975.
We are regulated by 14 federal statutes and regulations, plus numerous state and local laws.
We treat you well, with good customer service.
Let us help you. Please take our money.

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