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Watch Loan Tucker, GA

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A pawn is a collateral based loan. That means we will give you a watch loan based on the value of the item you bring. Pay us back and pick up your items. No need for credit and you can have as many loans with us as you want.

Tucker Watch Loan

If you decide you no longer want the item, just don’t pay the loan or come see if we can pay you more to buy the item. There will be no collections or adverse credit impacts. All you need is a state issued ID to get cash fast.

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Rewrite the loan as many times as you need and we will hold your item forever. We also will work with you to build a custom loan to meet your specific needs. Our watch loans are inexpensive, flexible and fair! You will never need to go to a title loan or payday loan facility again. We will get you the cash you need, FAST!

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The process of getting a loan is simple. A customer brings an item into our shop. Chapes-JPL then asses the value of the item based on our ability to resell the item. We can than offer you a loan against your personal collateral. Interest rates on our loan begin at 10% of the loan value for the first month then 4% the following months.

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With such low interest loans, Chapes-JPL is a superior alternative to getting a title loan or payday loan.

We have become Tucker’s largest Pawn Shop by fair and honest valuations of your collateral.

We loan on anything of value
Loans from $10-$100,000 in 5 minutes
120-day term
10% interest for 30 days, that’s $10 per hundred Borrowed!
4% after that, Interest rates get cheaper the longer you borrow!
No hidden fees, ticket fees, storage fees or service charges like the other shops
Easy extensions
Secured vault storage
All collateral is fully insured.

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