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"I have always counted on Chapes to give me a good value for my jewelry for over 15 years. Now, I am going to purchase from them because they have a variety of quality jewelry at decent prices." - Lioness Allen 


"Best experience I have had with a pawn shop. Everyone is very kind and professional. If you want a place you can trust and are getting the most for your item, this is it. Thank you!" - Yvonne Campos

"Great people here. Extremely professional service. If you’re looking for a loan on your gold, just go here. Super easy and smooth process." - b gatty

"Awesome shop. Perfect for business owners to looking to leverage assets for opportunistic acquisitions that require cash!" - Jon Marchel

"Chapels always is transparent and will help you out in a big way great experience" - Red Beard

"Awesome pawn shop, not looking for just money but also the best option for the seller! Great prices & options on loans." - Ivoree Smith

"This place is the best Jewelry pawn in Atlanta !! They have the best rates In the city. You won’t be disappointed. Customer service was great !!" - Braevlogs Hi

"Came into Chapes and the service was quick and awesome, we felt like family from the door. Easy process, secured location, I will definitely be here again." - Roderick West

"Chapes doubled the offer from the local pawn shop on my ring and there interest rate was the lowest in town on the loan after checking around." - Cayla Orris

"This is an awesome place. Good customer service they treat you like family! I always use them when I need money!!!" - Beverly Leon

"This place was so awesome !! He helped us with all of needs and the rates are the best in Atlanta !! Great customer service highly recommend this place !" - Martavis Butler

"They were great people to deal with. Very honest and down to earth. I appreciate them very much. Will definitely be back." - Beatsby Skotty

"Best jewelry pawn I have ever experienced! I love these guys!" - April Johnson

"This place is fantastic. I came in to sell my moms old jewelry but they gave me a great alternative to use the jewelry for a loan purpose with an incredibly low interest rate. Very happy with the help they provided!" - Kennedy Kyle

"Great customer service paid the most for my gold chain after shopping around the local gold buyers." - Thomas Kippelen

"Friendly, convenient. The staff here has a way to make you feel comfortable. Very flexible terms, best rates in Atlanta." - anthony burton

"Probably the best in atlanta" - Tabari Walters

"Excellent experience. The gentlemen here are very professional and knowledgeable. They give top dollar for your valuables." - Z Willie

"These guys are great! Always courteous and professional they do it all on time in the right way and they get all my business!" - lawrence Wren

"These guys are amazing! Not only is there customer service impeccable but their interest rates are incredibly low. I wish I had known about them sooner but I’m grateful to have discovered them. I’ve been to many other places and none of them even come close to matching their interest rates." - Clemme Smyer

"They were very nice kind and efficient. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. They were very fair and actually offered way more than anyone else" - Bri Jones

"This is a great company to work with...Brock and Parker are a chip off the old block!  I’m just as comfortable with them as their father.  I’ve done business with them for 13 years and I look forward to continued business with them!  This is a fair, first class establishment! I highly recommend them!" -Sib Phelps

"I’m a long term customer.  The men here ALWAYS handle me with GREAT  care & EXCELLENT service.  The whole staff is INCREDIBLE!!!  I HIGHLY recommend them." - Sean Harris

"Great people, very fair rates on their loans, would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a high end, beneficial pawn experience!" - John Oh


"The staff was friendly and understandable.  They provided great service and helped our situation.  We appreciate you guys!" - Cheryl Wright

"I am not one to comment or review anyone but this place is top notch.... Family owned business that takes pride and integrity in what they do. Jeff, Brock and Parker have helped me out more than they will ever begin to understand. If you are looking for a loan and looking for the most value this is hands down the place to go. Thank you guys for making a difficult time easy!!" - Eric Bentley

"The "Best of the Best"... a 39 year old family owned business that treats their clients like family too! In a relaxed classy atmosphere your transaction is handled in a professional and dignified manner. Over the last 12 years I've had a few visits and received courteous treatment each time. Unexpected life events happen...but I don't stress I go to the best!!!" - Olivia Taylor

"Very good service and very low interest rate from other and I get loan very easily.I trust them about my stuff" - Tanbir Islam

"Chapes-JPL is a unicorn in the pawn loan world. They are extremely honest, hard-working people who actually care about the customer, and do everything in their power to help them in their time of need. I really like the fact their rates are lower than all their competitors, and they have a track record of decades of experience and satisfied customers. Anyone who falls on hard times should not hesitate to reach out to Chapes-JPL, because they will offer relief which can be a huge financial help when you need it most. Great people, transparent rates, and a true win win." - Matt Anton

"Chapes is the best place I could have chosen because they’re rates are the lowest and made me feel very confident that I will keep me piece. I have used them multiple time and each time great service and communication." - Courtesy Of Courtney

"Exceptional customer service with respect and awesome prices. Highly recommended!!" - Nacion Colly

"Love these guys! A great family business that made me very comfortable dealing with them! A1 service!" - marian collier

"Since the first time  meeting them they have been great and always pays out the most money.they will always have my business" - Latasha Walker

"Chapes JPL did  a great job. They  were there when I need them and getting my stuff returned was a breeze.  I highly recommend them." - Mark Anthony King

"I Needed 10k fast so I called them up. We set up a meeting and they got me exactly what I needed.  Over time some things happened,  and I could no longer make payments,  these guys worked with me in order to keep my things.  I really appreciate everything they did and would definitely recommend them to anyone!" - J Wheels

"A pleasant experience.  Very personable staff." - Deni M.

"You guys are so awesome for working with me so much ! God bless your heart!" - Yanick Adolphe

"Wish I would’ve found these guys sooner! Definitely a life saver." - Toya Talk

"We have been with this company for many years they are a wonderful group of people and I would love to do business with them again." - Sonia Mctaggart

"Great family owned business! Very professional quality service!" - D Crom

"I have been going to these guys for years. They always treat me right and do their best to look out for my best interests. I  learned last time I was there that they are a family owned business. This is probably why I always receive such a personalized experience. I would highly recommend!!" - Michael Parkerson

"These guys are so great! I have done business with them for 2 years and have never been disappointed. They are trustworthy and honest. Thanks guys!" - jeremy pearlstein

"I can honestly say they are life savers! From the moment you walk in they are very welcoming and make you feel comfortable immediately. They are  honest, accommodating, flexible, and bilingual. This is the best alternative to a pawn shop. They offer the lowest interest on the market! Don't get scammed by dishonest pawnshops with their overly high interest and lack of concern for you or your situation. Chapes-JPL wants to sincerely help you and they treat everyone with kindness and respect. They build relationships with their clients and help them through tough times with sincerity. I highly recommend them.  ¡Puedo decir honestamente que son salvavidas! Desde el momento en que entras son muy acogedores y te hacen sentir cómodo de inmediato. Son honestos, complacientes, flexibles y bilingües. Esta es la mejor alternativa a una casa de empeño. ¡Ofrecen el interés más bajo del mercado! No se deje engañar por casas de empeño deshonestas con su interés excesivamente alto y su falta de preocupación por usted o su situación. Chapes-JPL quiere sinceramente ayudarlo y tratan a todos con amabilidad y respeto. Construyen relaciones con sus clientes y los ayudan en los momentos difíciles con sinceridad. Los recomiendo mucho para cualquier tipo de prestamo que necesiten." - Alfredo Piceno

"Brock,  Hugh, and Parker are the best!  They do everything thing they can to make a stressful time .... less stressful and easy.  And...they offer the lowest loan rates in Atlanta.  Along with taking great care of you and your important items. I highly recommend doing business with this wonderful family business!!" - Barbara Fleeman

"The staff here is wonderful and very kind. The manager Adelina is very professional.  Great place" - Kesha harris

"I rarely take the time to write reviews unless I am really impressed. With the incredible amount of sleaze out there in the pawn industry, Chapes JPL is a breath of fresh air. My experience with the company was pleasant and honest from the start. If you find yourself in need of a jewelry or other secured loan, Chapes is a great place to get honest help and a reasonably affordable loan. Do not waste your time with a pawn shop without visiting Chapes JPL!" - Justin Scarborough

"Dynamic experience! Highly recommend these folks!" - Pauline Warrior

"The best place in Atlanta long time customer always a pleasure" - Tamica Reynolds

"They are very professional, friendly and attentive. Great to deal with the staff for loans or purchases. Love the work they do." - Germaine Coakley-Mays

"The guys @Chapes-JPL are super professional.  I would definitely do business with them again." - Mitchele Walters

"I have done business with ChapesJPL, for a long time. I enjoy the friendly professional atmosphere they provide every time. The rates are amazing and they are willing to work with you, always. The staff is very knowledgeable and amicable as well. If I ever need to some money at a great rate, I will always come here to ChapesJPL." - Lee Sanchez

"I have used Chapes JPL over the past year and each time I have received excellent service.  Their rates are much lower than a pawn shop making it easier to redeem your product.  Brock and the staff are great. I highly recommend this company!" - Yvette Sparks

"Really great service from all the team. Brock, Parker, and Hugh do an amazing job and always keep me coming back. Wouldn’t come anywhere else!" - David Park

"This business is the best. They showed so much professionalism, Care, security for my business. The private way they allowed me to handle my business in their office was the highlight. I will definitely suggest you try Chapes out!" - Ayesha Baker

"I enjoyed doing business with Chapes, they are the best." - Jacqueline Sejour

"Jeff, Hugh and the rest of the folks at Chapes are wonderful to work with. They will do everything in their power to help you with your current needs in a timely professional manner. These guys will treat you with kid gloves turning what could be a an uneasy experience into a very productive relationship.  I highly recommend them for all of your non traditional lending needs." - Ron Bradley

"Great experience. I got my money quick and easy with no delays or credit back round. It's been hard for my family and we have been struggling for quite some time. Thanks for your service and compassion when it was needed." - Hugh Marshall

"Mr. parker and brock have been so supportive as a familly own business. They really do care and understand the hardships people go through. I wouldnt ever go anywhere else. I been doing buisness with this familly for 15 years and i never had a bad day with this company." - John Herring

"I had an amazing experience working with your company. You all were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I have already recommended your company to friends and plan to do so in the future. Thank you!" - DiNera Michel

"U guys where great! Thanks for all the help. Come see them too!" - Adam Collier

"Good customer service. Recomend" - Evelia Grasetti

"Chapes jpl has been very patient with me and understanding in my time of need." - Herman Peter Joseph

"I am always get treated with the best and most loving care when i come here. Everyone is super nice and i wouldn't take my jewelry anywhere else. First class service from first class people." - deborah crowder

"First time visit; was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with such professionalism and excellent customer service; will definitely be back" - Lakeisha O

"I had emergency and a friend told me about this place. I must say I was treated with the utmost respect, the staff made me feel like a person . Normally when you go to pawn shops they treat you like you stole the items, they are very fair with the loans. Best place ever, very professional. Again thank God for this company., and thank you again" - Michelle Jones

"If you're ever in need of SERIOUS cash $$$$ and want to borrow money on expenses jewelry or sell high end merchandise then Chapes is the place to come. Go see Parker, Brock or Hugh they are Awesome!!!!" - Debra Boykin

"Awesome place. Highly recommended. Best rates in town. Knowledgeable staff. Quality!!" - Benjamin “Benji M” M.

"Great family owned and courteous professional staff" - Carolyn Johnson

"Had a family emergency, along with some bad  luck, that caused my finances to take a huge hit and I needed a quick loan. I saw a Chapes JPL commercial that promised lower rates than pawn shops, so I immediately stopped by. Phillip was very courteous, understood my needs, and gave me a loan on some diamond and gold jewelry. The payments were affordable, easy to make, and I was able to pay it off in a short amount of time. I recommend this to everyone." - nansay17

"Very, very pleased with the service here and My diamonds were looked after and treated with care! I can't say enough about my very happy 20 year relationship with ChapesJPL. I highly recommend this business!!!" - K. Thomas

"My experience for years with Q and the staff here is amazing always keeps it 100 fair and the rates are awesome" - Andrea pollard

"Most knowledgeable buyers and lenders on Rolex watches that I know of. Excellent service. Staff is professional and courteous." - Bryan Mossorofo

"By far best jewelry pawn on earth. Very professional and with great hospitality. The only place to get a loan for jewelry. Safe and will lend more money than any other place I know of.." - Jermaine Russell

"The best interaction Ive had in a long time ....  This is not a fake review...  Hugh was very friendly and helped me see the flaw in my stone, yet still gave me a great deal. They paid me in cash and now I'm off to enjoy my day!!!!" - COLIN TURNER COUTURE

"Parker and Ms. Adelina are great!! They've always worked with me, had class and showed extraordinary professionalism. I'd definitely recommend Chapes JPL as a business to pawn or sell your jewelry." - Rodney Booker

"Easy to work with. Fair valuations. Overall, an excellent solution for quick cash. Been a long time customer" - Jari Turkia

"The service was great from the initial phone call to when I arrived. They treated me with respect and honesty. It was a relief to know it wasn't like walking into a pawn shop." - Gabriella Campos

"Good customer service. Reputable business. Employees are willing to work go the extra mile to provide you a loan on most items." - J Perry

"If I was allowed more Stars, Chapes JPL would get ‘em all!  Amazing Customer Service,  Realistic Rates, most of all they make you feel like you are their MOST important customer! Whether it’s a million dollar home or a trinket, you are equally special." - Eva K

"I love Chapes jpl, I have been going there for years when In need. Hands down the best pawn place around. The interest is low and the people are amazing and Courteous. I would highly recommend! Thanks Chapes Jpl" - Cynthia Sosa

"This is this the BEST Place in GA. to bring ur gold, watches, designer handbags to! If u need some cash to hold u ova 4 a lil while....the interest rates r insane! extremely affordable, the customer service is superb!! Private with a personal owners touch...why would u pay high fees?? Get what u deserve with class!! Thanks Brock & Hugh, you guys Rock!!" - Liz Johnson

"Awesome experiences with Hugh and the Sons of the business. Quality products, quality service, quality people. 100 STARS!" - Dana Hamilton

"I came here to pawn some very valuable items near & dear to my heart. They were very compassionate and understanding as I was in tears.  They have been very helpful and kind even if I am late with my payments.  I have referred other people here who are now clients and I would recommend them to anyone.  Customer service is very important to me and they exemplify the epitome of stellar service!  So if you are considering using Chapes JPL, please do, you will be glad you did!" - Toni Trillionaire

"I had a great Experience really appreciate all they did great family owned business." - Cari Tyler

"This is a fantastic place of business! Always has excellent service! I do not trust my jewelery with anyone else! Thanks Parker and Brock!" - John Hamilton

"Exceeded my expectations. Went to Chapes thinking one thing, and highly pleased at how Parker, Hugh, and Brock conducted business. Their rates are low and their appraisals are on point. Had a good experience with this company and would definitely recommend." - Kees Allen

"I have been a client of Chapes JPL for many years. Life happens!! It’s great to have a service provider that treats you consistently with courtesy and professionalism." - Lee Sellers

"I have been working with them for years and am very pleased ." - Tanya Smith

"I've been dealing with them for a while and i found them to be very professional. Hugh was great!! Its more personal than a pawn shop!! I love it !!" - Roy Fowler

"I will never use another pawn shop again. They made the process so easy and moy payment is so much lower. Thanks again" - William Tregre

"Unbelievable level of "above & beyond" respect & caring for customers' valuables pertaining to various circumstances & "life" situations! Parker especially went the extra mile for myself & my family during tough times which shows the true high level of Morals & ethics Chapes & hisself standby & represent.  Honest & True profesionals in a league of their own Great family owned business, HIGHLY recommended!" - Smith Bill

"Great experience!  Super nice staff." - Makanya Lowery

"Great customer service... felt safe my merchandise would be secure..." - Monica D. Callender

"My experience here was great. They were a big help to me and gave a lot which allowed me to take care of much needed things. Thanks Chapes JGL" - Roni Boykin

"I absolutely love this company! The service is quick, friendly, and the environment is positive. Everyone should check them out! 5 Stars!!! 😊😊😊😊" - Angelina Jackson

"I have useChaps several times and my experience has always been exceptional. Hugh M. and Adelina there to help when needed. When you need cash without the hassle of filling out credit applications and you have collateral, you are approved. I love Chaps JPL" - sara alexander

"I have used Chapes-JPL a few times now and have had great experiences every time. Professional and efficient service; you can trust them to give you the best deal. I would recommend them to everyone." - David Hobbs

"I have used these guys for three years and they are a lifesaver. Lowest rates that I could find and a very friendly and helpful staff. I would gladly recommend them and I have." - John Zagula

"Great service!! Friendly family owned business! Very helpful! Would nor hesitate to do business with Parker, Brock and Chapes again." - Rick Moore

"Great doing business with very nice staff. Thanks for taking care of my item! Highly recommend them!" - PRINCE ANDERSON

"Dependable service, no hassle assistance and always helpful! Professional and courteous staff!" - Kiara Mitchell

"Chapes JPL is an awesome place for financing.  The terms, the customer service is second to none.  Hugh Marshall and his team are the absolute best in Atlanta.  Please give them a call for your loan needs.  I guarantee that they will take great care of you." - NeTosha Randle

"Very fair and a good loan on my gold bracelet. I have told all my friends !! Highly recommend!" - Lisbel Dominguez

"This company is very good they work with you when you dont have your payment. I would recommend if you have to borrow money use this company!!!!" - Bobbie Mckine

"Perfect service. Great family owned business. I will definitely recommend to my friends! I only trust my luxury goods with chapes-jpl!" - adrianne brown

"I initially brought my Rolex watch in to sell it, but decided to get a loan on it instead because the interest is so low compared to another pawn shop I know. Thank you for making it easy to keep my watch." - Trenton Chase

"I had a great experience the guys there were very professional and informative!.I would recommend anyone to try them out exceptional family owned business!.Thanks JPL" - LaMarr Glenn

"JPL is amazing they save my bacon and more than one way I fly all the way from Tampa Florida to Atlanta to work with them they are so kind and I love working with them" - Tammy AAsum

"This is the only place in Atlanta to go, to get a pawn loan. Always professional and the low rates keep it affordable. Thanks Brock" - Sam K

"I have been a client of Chapes JPL for many years. They are honest, professional and have always been pleased with their security measure. They are very nice people to work with also! I highly recommend them!" - Adrienne Moldow

"I have been dealing with Chapes JPL for 20 plus years always upfront and honest. If you want top dollar, friendly people who truly care this is your place. Brock and Hugh are superstars!!" - Michael Bennett

"THE BEST PAWN SHOP IN ATLANTA !!! I have been doing business with Chapes JPL for over twenty years and have always had the very best experiences. They are professional and more than fair with loaning money on collateralized merchandie. Brock & Jeff are like family. This is a solid company 100%" - Matthew Green Jewelers

"Short wait, lowest interest rate , friendly service not a waste of your time , thank you ." - Dana A

"This is the best place I’ve ever used and am a repeat customer. 👍🏽" - Paula Moore (PrincessP54)

"I love this place. I was in a situation where I needed help now, and Chapes made it happen. Hugh Marshall made the transaction as simple, swift, and easy as possible. If I needed to do a pawn again Chapes would be my first and only choice." - J G

"The folks at  Chapes JPL are amazing, friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend them!" - Ideal Pawn & Jewelry

"The best shop in atl the guys that work there are great and unlike most shops they don't try to rip you off definitely recommending them to friends" - Ethan Sheridan

"Chapes jpl is a great company! been coming here for years, great people who work with you." - Ben David

"They have always been professional and cortious I highly recommended them" - John Little s

"I am always happy when I come. Good people friendly and hard working." - yvette Slaton

"I'm so pleased and thankful I chose to do business with Chapes JPL, they worked with me and were so kind. Overall a wonderful experience, I will absolutely recommend and will conduct future business with them." - Shawna Collette

"Chapes -JPL  is a great business that Loaned my Company Money. I have been doing business with them for over five years. I highly recommend their business, for all who are in need of  a great service and just a little helping hand! Times get tough sometimes but I thank God for Chapes-JPL" - Gregory Wright

"I just started a new job and needed a loan to pay for child care. I came to Chapes because of their rates and am glad I did. They were honest and fair. Thank you Hugh" - John Richardson

"I came to this business to sell some strap gold & meet with Brock & Hugh. Brock did the acid test but did not give me a price at the time. I told him & Hugh I was checking prices at other jewelry businesses in the Buckhead area and that I would sell to whom ever gave me the highest amount. Brock advised to visit other locations & then come back to Chapes-JPL and he would beat the price of what I found.  That takes more work on my part. As I really would have liked to know what their offer was at that time versus coming back to price again. I did make the sale this morning at IceBox Jewelry @ 3255 Peachtree Rd. Brock was friendly though. I think in the future if a customer is pricing jewelry with different businesses its best to give the offer at the highest available price to beat the competition. If IceBox Jewelry had made a very low offer, I probably would have come back to Chapes-JPL to see if Brock could beat the max that I found. I had doubts though, because the highest amount I was offered at that time came from Atlanta Gold & Silver at 887 W Peachtree St, but IceBox Jewelry beat them out by like 50$. I don’t think Chapes-JPL could have beat it. Maybe next time." - Jay Mathurin

"Chapes-JPl is a high quality jewelry lender. Has the best rates in Atlanta, great customer satisfaction, and very trustworthy!" - Joshua Smith

"Great company, they treat customers very good. I will always go back to them. I will spread the word." - Jacqueline Geter

"They are a real rip-off. I made an appointment, as required, but was kept waiting in their well-decorated reception area for about 15 mins. Then was offered about 10% of what I know my diamond engagement ring and band are worth today. The man who helped me did nothing to establish a true value but look at my solitaire through his magnifying glass then enter a lot of bogus figures in his calculator. He asked me about the value from my proof/certificate from Jared then proceeded to reinterpret my information and tell me about their distribution chain, nothing about the brilliance or carat weight. It was all negative! Needless to say, I did not deal with them! Chapes will only waste your time and insult your intelligence!" - Delissa Gayle

"10/10 would recommend. They're great" - rachel popky

"Super awesome! Great service and great staff! Referred by family member!" - O m

"Very pleasant and professional. I will always come back and send my friends." - Sharon Glass

"Located in the Lenox Center Office tower across from Lenox Mall, we have been utilizing Chapes jpl  loan services for years for various reasons where cash reserves were required from $200 to $30,000. Highly recommended in a quite, private, executive environment." - M S

"I have had a great experience with Chapes Jpl.  The staff there are very professional and courteous. Any time you need extra cash or have an emergency just give Chapes a call and they will be happy to assist you." - Stacy Womack

"Great Service I would highly recommend this business for your needs trusted in Atlanta for 38 years!!!!" - Erika Campbell

"I have been doing business with Chapes JPL since 2006 and they are very professional and will help you to the best of their ability. You xan trust them with anything of value that you have. Thanks Chapes JPL" - Maggie Fontaine

"Chapes . JPL is not your typical "Pawn Shop" They are way above the rest.They are truly a premier jewelry lender. I have become a regular to get a loan from time to time. They are near Lenox mall, were parking is EZ & SAFE. Chapes . JPL is on the 8th floor office building.  When you walk in you are welcomed by their financial office manager, Natalie! She is very professional yet very comforting. She really goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable with your loan.  You can simply go right in without an appointment, all you need is your drivers license, and jewelry you want to get a loan on!  It gets better! I have had the pleasure to meet 1 of the 2 owners that are brothers, family owned about 30+ years.  Brock Zager is an easy going young man that makes you feel like family! Parker, I spoke to on the phone sounds like his brother, "We are here to make the loan process a "Win Win!" That you rarely see any more these days.  They both know what it is like having money issues & they go out of there way to get you the most money you need!  Making monthly payments is also ez! This is when you get to know Natalie, she will explain any part of the loan from start to finish, in terms I can understand! There are NO hidden fees.  Chapes . JPL is the #1 place to go get a loan! You walk out feeling better than when you walked in!  Money is a very personal thing! Chapes. JPL will give you the respect, act professional and not try to get personal with you!  But if you want to be personal with them, you can tell them anything you want. They keep everything confidential!  Thank You Chapes . JPL for all you do for me! You are there every time I need a simple loan! Jonathan" - Jonathan Jordan

"Excellent service very professional. Would def recommend" - Eric OC

"If you ever need cash, on a temporary basis, and you have items that may be valuable, I recommend Chapes.  They are friendly, respectful, and professional.  They are also relatively easy, and help make what could be a difficult situation smooth. I highly recommend Chapes-JPL." - Dr. Lori James (Focus on Education)

"It was a pleasure doing business with CHAPES-JPL. I attempted to go to REGAL CAPITAL LENDERS around the corner prior to going to CHAPES-JPL, and I was very disappointed in REGAL CAPITAL LENDERS business. They advertised 3% APR, but after arriving, the APR had jumped to 11%. I went with CHAPES-JPL and they charged almost half as much with 6% APR. They were honest and up front and more than willing to work with me. I appreciate your business Parker, and hope to continue doing business with CHAPES-JPL." - Reuben Morgan

"Chapes jpl is one of the best spots in atlanta. Awesome place to work with and good interests rate and good staff will always come back if we need to!!!" - Glen Montcalm

"I have been using Chapes JPL for years and their rates and Customer service by far is 5 star.." - Jay Akies

"I am soo pleased with Chapes Jpl.  They are the best.  As a customer, they have wondreful customer service.  Glad to mention, i won the 50 inch smart tv.  Thanks you Chapes.  I would iencourage everyone to visit this store.  The are real!" - Bridgette Khan

"My experience with Chapes has been great, they're always quick and wonderful customer service." - James Payne

"I originally did a loan with regal capital lenders and ended up with a ridiculously high interest rate and seem to never arrive at paying off my loan. I payed a visit to CHAPES.JPL and recieved great customer service from people that care about you as a customer, I decided to transfer my loan over to CHAPES.JPL and  recieved a much better interest rate and saved myself 50% on repaying my loan. I can truly say I am much satisfied with doing business with CHAPES.JPL. There was clarity, openness in doing my transaction, and that counts for a lot." - J. Rogers

"Let me be the first to say with me being a Business Owner Myself I tend to be very judgmental regarding other businesses their practices, ethics, employees etc.. However, Its such a delight to be able to leave a very Sincere and Genuine Great Appreciation to Phillip who may I had is Truly an Asset and Very Valuable Employee To JPL Company not to mention the remaining of the staff there. I have been conducting business with them for over 3 yrs or more now, I would like to say how wonderful it has been with consistency of High Standards and Integrity beyond the highest assessment of value for your jewels and the lowest monthly payments in the southeast ..(Trust I Researched).. I will only trust and place my valuables in the hands of JPL  vs my hands. They have been such a blessing in my life and know they were God Sent. I love the professionalism and the assurance of  knowing that my jewels, valuables are nicely tucked away in safe environment until I'm ready for them again. Thanks Again JPL For Setting A True Example To Us Business Owner on How To Set and Maintain High Standards Through Out The Years...Phillip I will be in there to see you soon!!!! Veronica Hall" - Veronica Hall

"Waste of time they are not looking for jewelery they are looking for scrap gold. Spoke to one of the buyers before I came in told him I needed a thousand dollars for my loan I brought 2 rings in one which was appraised for around $8000 and the other around $3500 I was looking for a $1000 loan on one or the other but they said they would offer 275 for one and 160 for the other because of the weight of the gold... the entire time I was there one of the gentleman kept saying if you have any broken jewelery or un wanted gold they are also looking for that. By the way at $14 a gram your no better than any pawn shop in town. This is 4 people 2 buyers a receptionist and an owner they call for verification to purchase and what they will pay. If you have gold weigh it and multiply it by $14 that's what you will get. They are not looking for actual jewelery pieces. I didn't want to sell my jewelery just wanted a loan. This company is built on pawn tactics." - kyle watson

"Hugh and the staff are wonderful to work with.  Highly satisfied, Im a repeat customer!!!" - Dori Michelsen

"The guys at Chapes-JPL are the best! Brock took care of everything we needed and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable throughout the process." - HEAVENLY MEZNGR

"Grateful to have found Chapes -- they bailed us out of a potentially dreadful situation. Their patience and understanding will never be forgotten." - Brandi Rose

"Absolutely above and beyond service... utmost satisfaction!" - Jordan Christine

"Very friendly people, helpful with explaining how much my jewelry was worth and why they offered me what they did. Will sell my jewelry here again." - Katie Williams

"Been coming here for years, very professional and friendly. Definitely recommend!" - Mia West

"Long term customer...always a fast pleasant experience! Thanks..." - Rhasahna Booze

"Low interest rste. Verp pleasant  and helpful.awesome people." - JH1 P

"Wonderful professional company!" - Alberta Sharper

"Mr. Paul and the entire staff at Chapes JPL are very friendly and customer focused. I always bring my business to their store and will continue to do." - cynthia betances

"Best rates, excellent service.  Highly recommended." - Charles deGolian

"Excellent service and very professional. I have been going here for over twenty years..." - Nikky B

"Excellent service...the staf the friendly and got me the amount i needed. Thank you" - Sabrina sabi

"Love this place ! Low rates and very friendly lenders." - Liset Castro

"Great prices if you are interested in selling jewelry you no longer wear!  Thanks Chapes!!" - Robyn Harris

"I don't trust anyone but Chapes with my high end jewelry !" - Global Attractions

"Good team, very professional , and low interest rates!" - Vince Harville

"A life saver.  Great people who understand!" - Wendy Foss

"Awesome customer service!!!  Very low rates!" - Carter Reed

"The nicest people to work with . Very caring people ." - Paige Brown

"Always there when we need them :)" - Ahmad J

"Very professional" - DIADRA ACKOLS

"Best loan in town customers  service  is great" - Slime Season

"Professional.  Not the typical feel of a pawn shop." - Denise Floyd

"Great company and great service!!!!!!" - GIA NEDD

"Easy to work with" - LeJeanne Lemon

"Awesome people at Chapes!" - Dora Hendrix

"Excellent customer service" - Gerald Wilson

"Private, quick & professional" - Danny Daberino

"Sweet people! Very professional" - Maureen Rollins

"Quick and courteous!" - M Good1

"Great customer service !" - Brandy Garza

"Fast, friendly, efficient, affordable." - Kiara Mitchell

"Great Experience, very friendly and sociable!" - tobias alexander

"Nice, friendly, helpful and quick. thanks a million" - Lonette1976

"(Translated by Google) A very good place to get loans, low interest and very excellent attention. I recommend all Hispanics and Americans  (Original) Un lugar muy bueno para conseguir prestamos, a bajo interes y una atencion muy excelente. Recomiendo a todos los hispanos y americanos" - Roberto Picasso

"(Translated by Google) They are the only ones I trust. They're safe. I recommend it  (Original) Los mejores para emprestar dinero. Son muy buenas gentes y muy hamables. Son los unicos con los que yo confio. Son seguros. Se los recomiendo" - cesar sanchez

Yelp Pawn Shops Near Me Local Atlanta Georgia

"I was very nervous about having to get a loan off of some inherited jewelry, but I feel like I got extremely lucky when I came upon Chapes JPL. They have a very discrete location in an office complex across from Lenox Mall and have sound security measures to protect your valuables, including keeping them off the premises.  I dealt with Phillip, first in an online chat when I found the website and then in person the next day. He was extremely personable yet professional and very straightforward in dealing with me in terms of assessing the value of my jewelry and offering me loan amounts. The terms of the loan are better than what you'll get at any other pawn shop I saw (8%). The length of the loan is for 30 days, and you can renew it as many times as you like.  I feel very lucky that I found Chapes JPL and enjoyed dealing with Phillip. If you need to pawn jewelry for a loan, this is the first place you should check out." - Tracee W.

"Stopped by with my friend, nice place and very nice people. They have a good knowledge of jewelry and watches and my friend was happy with how they treated him. Overall i would recommend them - my experience was very good.   Useful 1  Funny  Cool" - Mike E.

"As a small business owner with accounts receivables, cash flow can sometimes tighten up. I have. Even to plenty of pawn shops in the past, but this place is not like them. I was able to make an appointment and avoid sitting in the waiting area long. They were fair and honest and had me out of there in 20 minutes. I will definitely go back to them when needed." - Terri K.

"Jeff and Hugh took care of me and my girl. Saw them on Yelp and glad I did." - Gary E.

"Yes, I'm fan! They get you in and long wait." - Donna W.

"This is the second time Ive used Chapes and both times Philip worked with me. Thank you and yes I would recomend them." - Paula E.

"Awesome service. Been going there for several years now. They're well knowledgeable and have great rates. Highly recommended." - The K.

"Chapes. JPL,  is a first class business operation!

Professional yet personable!

This is my seventh time doing business with them!

Adalina, is there financial manager!  She is a big reason why I return!

When you come back to make a payment she's extremely helpful.

She will answer any questions you have or explain and show how the numbers work?

I brought in 2 Rolex watches,  they looked at them, & gave me a loan, that was more than fair! Out the door with cash or check  in hand!

Please do not go anywhere else! This is a great place and you get treated very well and respected!

Thanks for taking such good care of me, Jonathan" - Jonathan J.

"JPL has helped myself & family for the last 15 years!  These are profession and very caring individuals.  They are great for short term loans.  Great Company!  I highly recommend!" - Ginger M.

"Very secure, high-end shop. They worked with me on a loan with only 8% interest, which is much lower than any other in the area. They deal primarily in jewlery and desinger bags. 10/10 would recommend to my friends. If I'm ever in a bind again, this is where I'll go!" - Ashley D.

"Chapes JPL is truly an amazing company. They are family oriented and really make you feel welcome. As an entrepreneur with a lot of things on my plate sometime is difficult to get another loan but when you have items that the banks will not deem valuable Chapes JPL will. I am truly grateful and thankful for for my relationship with Chapes JPL and I encourage you to visit them. Thank you" - Darrius S.

"My experience with Chapes JPL was a very good one.  I had my item in there for a while, never worried about the safety of my jewelry.  If you need a loan, please go to Chapes for a worry free experience.  The staff there is so nice also.   Deborah Woods" - Ebony W.

"My overall experience was excellent, awesome customer service. The level of professionalism is a 10. They absolutely help out with  my immediate need. I highly recommend Chapes. Wonderful place and I look forward to doing future business with them!" - Kyra C.

"I have been coming to Chapes for years, Not what you would expect from a pawn shop. Everyone is always very nice- Thank you" - Carolina C.

"I would like to thank everyone at Chapes including Mr. Paul especially for their great and courteous service. I have been coming to Chapes for over and decade and they have always made me feel like family and the great rates they provide are second to none.

Thanks for everything.

D" - Rashade H.

"These guys are great! What a painless and efficient experience! everyone there is really nice and WOW! what a relief! Some extra cash for an emergency trip to NYC with no hassle, and a lower interest rate than a credit card! Highly recommend! Phillip is awesome! Ask for him!" - Michelle B.

"These guys have been great! Sometimes for my business I need a quick float and Philip has always been great about getting me in and out. These guys act more like my bank than my actual bank. Thanks for all the help!" - Chase G.

"I have never liked using pawnshops so when I needed money to keep my business from going under a friend of me suggested I try Chapes jPL.  I followed his advice and was able to get a quick loan without the embarrassment and deception from a dirty pawn dealer.  The rates were fair enough to be able to get my asset back quickly.  I really appreciated the help and will return again if necessary." - Emily M.

"I was half expecting it to be like the pawn shops on TV, used tools and tvs everywhere, having to haggle to get the money I needed... Thankfully it couldn't have been more different. First off, I arrived at their private offices, There were no glass cases, and the only TV was the one in the waiting room. When I sat down with Philip? i told him how much I needed..he looked at what I had (a Rolex) and said no problem. Remember thinking, What, are you kidding me, that was easy. Anyway I thought the best thing I could do was let everyone know. Thanks again" - Brian T.

"Fast and honest. Would recommend them to family. Thank you" - Lee B.

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"outstanding customer service and great people.  They will help you with any financial problem. strongly recommend them" - Diana Lazarevic

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Stephen Zager

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Michelle J Racioppi

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Hugh Karim

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Talia Benhayon'xox

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Heather Rachelle Johnson

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