Short term Rolex Loans

Got a Rolex?  If so, you made an excellent investment.  These timepieces have set the standard when it comes to luxury watches Rolex watch loansfor more than a century and today they are one of the world’s most valuable personal assets. The first Rolex watch was created around 1915, but within a decade, Rolex watches were identified as the world’s most impressive and carefully crafted timepiece available.

By 1926, Rolex amazed consumers with the new water and dust resistant Oyster Perpetual.  This Swiss luxury watch received a great deal of positive publicity when a swimmer crossed the English Channel while wearing the waterproof Rolex Oyster and claimed the timepiece was still working perfectly following her accomplishment.

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After so much success and attention, Rolex watchmakers began focusing their efforts on developing new models with special tools uniquely designed to accommodate aviators, deep sea divers, mountain climbers and scientific explorers.  These innovative timepieces became known as the watches of achievers.

A vintage or pre owned Rolex loan will offer extra money to help with bills, graduate loans or even to stop foreclosure.

Today, Rolexes are more efficient than ever with more than a century of watch making experience and new designs such as the Sky Dweller, Yacht-Master, Cosmograph Daytona, Day-Date, Day-Date II, DateJust, DateJust II and the DateJust Lady 31.  These watches have not only been improved technically, but their overall appearance is even more attractive than ever.

Obtaining such a precious possession like a Rolex Explorer II will set the average consumer back.  An expensive watch is often received as a sentimental gift from a friend or a family member.  The idea of selling a Rolex, or using it to get a pawn loan is usually disheartening.  However, with banks’ tougher lending requirements and fewer jobs available, people are searching for ways to get money and often have no choice but to use their priceless watch to pay for personal and business expenses.

There are ways to get money fast by using your Rolex without actually losing the watch permanently.  More than thirty years ago, Chapes JPL began providing individuals and businesses options to get a loan fast by using assets (such as a Rolex Presidential) to get a loan fast at an affordable rate.  Our jewelry pawn loan company has grown to service clients nationally with locations in Atlanta and Boca Raton.
Unlike a typical pawnshop that charges as much as 25% interest for a collateral money loan, Chapes grants loans to customers at rates for as much as 85% less than traditional pawnbrokers.  We do not sell anything and all rolex appraisals are conducted in our upscale offices in a completely discreet and safe environment.  We also allow clients to make payments towards the principal balance at any time during the loan.

Chapes JPL is well known for providing a safe and affordable alternative for our customers to turn to when they need help with moneyMore than 80% of our clients continue to utilize our services due to our low rates.  At Chapes, we truly care about our customers and work with them to get their Rolex back.  When a person can keep their designer wristwatch, they will always have the ability to get a loan on it when times get tough.

Chat with us online, or contact us today for your no obligation Rolex appraisal.  All fine watches, gold, silver, diamonds or any fine jewelry used as collateral at Chapes is photographed, insured and kept safely in bank vaults.