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Sell jewelry in Atlanta for cash!

Looking to sell your jewelry? We know you have plenty of options. You could either sell it yourself online or take it to a typical pawnshop, gold buyer, or jewelry store.  Selling it online has it’s drawbacks, You have to photograph it, list it, wait for a buyer, ship it, wait for payment  and lastly hope that the item doesn’t get returned. If you want cash for your jewelry immediately, we can help. 

Why visit Chapes-JPL with your gold, diamonds, jewelry and Rolex watches? First,  with over 38 years appraising and buying jewelry, our offers are fair and honest. Secondly, we will buy gold and jewelry in any condition. From brand new engagement rings to broken clasps and scrap earrings, we will make you an offer. 

And lastly, privacy, when you go to a typical pawnshop, gold buyer or jewelry store you are discussing your business in their public showroom.  At Chapes-JPL all appraisals and offers are conducted within our private offices and all discussions are confidential. 

If you decide to sell jewelry to us, you’ll leave with your money in minutes.

You can easily compare options, between getting a loan or selling your items. Since Chapes-JPL is also an asset lender as well as a buyer of jewelry, gold, diamonds and Rolex watches.

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Chapes expert appraisers have been buying gold, diamonds, jewelry and watches in Atlanta since 1980.

Contact Chapes-JPL today in Atlanta to learn more about selling your fine jewelry and luxury assets.  All jewelry appraisals are performed in private, by appointment only and in a highly secure office building.  In addition, all collateral items are always kept safely in bank deposit boxes.

Find out for yourself why thousands of people in Atlanta choose Chapes-JPL to sell their gold, diamonds, jewelry and Rolex watches.
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