Jewelry Loans As Low as 3%

Get More & Pay Less at Chapes-JPL.

Low RatesWe’re renowned for the lowest interest rates in the industry.

ConfidentialWe take your privacy seriously. Nothing leaves our offices.

SecureYour collateral is insured and stored in bank vaults for FREE.

FastLeave with the money you need in as little as 15 minutes.

Jewelry Pawn Shop

Looking to pawn your jewelry? Look no further. Get a loan on jewelry with the nation’s premier asset and jewelry lender, Chapes-JPL. For 40 years, we have been providing our clients with low-interest loans on gold, silver, diamond, and platinum jewelry. We always welcome the chance to do business with new clients to prove our commitment to service, confidentiality and integrity. Bring in any item of value and our certified appraisers will be happy to provide you with an accurate valuation of your item(s), free of charge. We’re ready to help you succeed financially. Come and experience the difference at Chapes-JPL.

How Jewelry Loans Work


Find an item of value (rings, chains, watches, bracelets, etc.) to pawn.


Bring your item of value to Chapes-JPL and get cash in your wallet in minutes.


Pay back your loan on the due date or extend your loan for another 30-Days.


Get your item of value back and live happily ever after.

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We make the process easy

Pawning jewelry is never an easy task. Aside from the tedious negotiation process and having to deal with unscrupulous employees, jewelry pawn shops also carry a level of risk that most people find uncomfortable. Fortunately, Chapes-JPL makes the process of pawning jewelry as easy and transparent as possible. Our convenient location and certified jewelry appraisers eliminate any doubts about safety and integrity. We make the loaning process straight-forward, comprehensible, and gimmick-free.

We Lend More & Charge Less

Chapes-JPL is renowned for having the lowest interest rates in the industry. Through trial and error, we’ve streamlined our operations to yield the highest returns on our investments. That has allowed us to offer interest rates as low as an unprecedented 3%. Additionally, we’ve invested our time and energy in getting the most advanced tools and team members to make the jewelry appraisal process precise, equitable, and brisk. Our level of optimization has rendered high-interest jewelry loans obsolete, a practice we’re proud to have helped abolish.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Since 1980, we’ve dominated our industry because of our commitment to our client’s financial success. Our clients choose us simply because of our determination to make every interaction prosperous for them. Unlike a typical pawnbroker, we’re in the business of assisting our clients when they need it the most. As evidence, we’ve refrained from selling pawned jewelry because we believe that would be in direct conflict with our mission. We’re not in the business of capitalizing on our client’s financial distress. Chapes-JPL is here to help.

Compare Our Rates & Save

Jewelry backed loans shouldn’t be predatory. Compare our rates to what typical pawn shops are charging and see how much you can save. The following table illustrates how much your monthly and total interest payment would be if you borrowed $250, $500, $1,000 and $5,000. (n = number of months you plan to keep the loan)

Loan Amount Chapes-JPL (8% Interest) Typical Pawn Shop (25%)
$250 $20.00(n) + $250 $62.50(n) + $250
$500 $40.00(n) + $500 $125.00(n) + $500
$1,000 $80.00(n) + $1,000 $250.00(n) + $1,000
$5,000 $250.00(n)* + $5,000 $1,2500.00(n) + $5,000

*Rates as low as 5% on Loans over $5000

Loan Payment Calculator

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