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When looking to sell gold, reputation is everything. Let’s face it there are dozens of gold buyers out there, but how many will take the time to truly appraise your gold? How many will take the time to really look at what you have to sell? How many really understand todays gold market? How many will include the value of small diamonds and other gems set in the gold? Most won’t -Chapes WILL!

At Chapes you are not just a piece of jewelry or a handful of gold coins, you are a client. And we are committed to providing exceptional service to all of our clients. As a client you receive a free appraisal with an honest quote, behind closed doors during your private appointment.

Let our expert appraisers give you a free quote on Gold jewelry, gold coins and bullion or scrap gold.

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Chapes expert appraisers have been buying gold, diamonds, jewelry and watches in Atlanta since 1980.

Gold has been regarded as a portrayal of wealth and power for centuries throughout the world and has often been responsible for stabilizing global economies during fiscal uncertainties.  In recent years, this commodity is once again an invaluable resource in helping rehabilitate the current financial crisis.  People all over the world are scouring through their belongings, digging up that forgotten gold necklace, coins or other gold assets to trade for cash.

Whether you have scrap gold to sell, or fine gold jewelry, when you’re ready to sell you’ll need to find a trustworthy company to buy your gold.  The best place to sell gold is not at a typical pawnshop or jewelry store (bargaining in an open showroom), or by selling it through the mail (too many what-if’s).

At Chapes-JPL, we buy gold at today’s best prices.  In addition to offering the best prices for gold, our offices are private and discreet keeping our discussions confidential.  The entire gold exchange is handled confidentially and privately.

In addition to buying gold, Chapes-JPL is the nation’s premier lender on gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches and assets.  At the lowest rates in the industry, you can get the money you need now and after paying off the loan, you’ll have your gold back later.  All items are secured in off-site bank vaults for the safety and security of your assets.

Chapes JPL has offices in Atlanta, Georgia.  Whether your located in Georgia, New York, Miami (or anywhere else in the world) – we can provide you with cash for your gold, diamond pendants, sterling silver flatware or even on your lien free title on your auto or boat.

All collateral items used for a loan at Chapes are appraised, photographed, insured and kept safely in bank vaults.  Regardless if you have a gold coin collection, 24k gold jewelry, gold flatware or scrap gold jewelry, give us a call or send us an email to find out how your gold can help to get the cash you need.

Find out for yourself why thousands of people in Atlanta choose Chapes to sell their gold, diamonds, jewelry and watches.
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