Lower Your Pawn Loan Rate- Save money and payoff your pawn loan faster.

Posted by Lee Benhayon

Lower you pawn loan rate today, we can help.

pawn loan transferWe can do a pawn shop loan transfer from your current pawnbroker to Chapes-JPL and lower your pawn loan rate.
With a lower interest rate your payments are lower and you can payoff your loan faster. Additionally, at Chapes-JPL you have the ability to pay towards your principal every month. That’s something most pawn shops do not allow you to do.

Did you know you can transfer your pawn shop loan to Chapes and lower your pawn loan rate?

Understanding that a lot of our clients had loans at other pawnshops at much higher rates, we decided to offer pawn loan transfers. Transfers are done based on the collateral and the current loan balance. Please bring your existing loan document when discussing a possible transfer. Collateral that can be used for a pawn loan transfer include gold, diamonds, jewelry, rolex and other fine watches as well as other luxury assets.

Most pawnbrokers provide loans at high rates, hoping that the payment is too great and you eventually lose your items. Disturbed by the high rates typically charged on asset based pawn loans (not to mention the added fees), Chapes JPL is committed to providing the public (and anyone currently in a high interest pawn loan) the option to reduce their current rate.  The process of refinancing the current rate and transferring the loan to Chapes is relatively simple and financially sound.

Unfortunately transfers may not be available on all pawnshop loans. That’s because sometimes the payoff amount is greater than the collateral value. Call us today or stop by our office and see if transferring your existing loan to us makes sense and keep  more of your hard earned money in your pocket. We are located at the Lenox Building across from Lenox mall and a few feet from the MARTA.

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