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Posted by Matt Anton

Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America( February 10, 2012 — Girls may think a diamond is their best friend, but they must have never heard about Chapes-JPL. Sure, diamonds are beautiful, exotic, elegant, and portray wealth, but more than likely, what was on Marilyn’s mind when she sang the popular song over fifty years ago, is that a diamonds cash value is forever.

Chapes-JPL knows a diamond’s true worth, as well as the value of precious stones, gold, platinum, watches and other fine assets. They are among the most knowledgeable jewelry appraisers in the business. The professionals at Chapes-JPL appraise diamonds and personal assets accurately and offer loans at rates up to 90% lower than traditional pawn shops.

Chapes-JPL has been providing collateral loans from its Atlanta, Georgia office for more than thirty years. Since that time, they have delivered helpful financial assistance to thousands of customers. Continually earning the respect and business of their clients by providing loans at low interest rates in a safe and discreet environment.

The loan process at Chapes-JPL is quite different than regular pawnshops. When visiting this asset-based lender, The first thing you’ll notice are their quiet and elegant office located within the Lenox center in Atlanta. All customers are seen by appointment only. Therefore, when entering their lavish waiting room, the only other person you will see is the friendly Chapes-JPL representative. The company’s staff is always welcoming and helpful. They understand the financial dilemmas people face, and really are there to help.

Unlike a typical pawn shop, this lender truly caters to their customers. Chapes-JPL understands the value of fine jewelry and hopes that each and every client redeems their collateral. Jeff Zager, Chape-JPL’s President explained, “If the client sells their only valuable asset, they will no longer have that collateral to get a loan in the future when times get tough. Our goal is to become that client’s lender indefinitely”.

Chapes-JPL was originally founded to provide a better solution for loans on valuable assets, one that truly has the client’s best interest in mind. Otherwise, good people would be forced to sell their precious assets to gold buyers that pay very little, or typical pawnshops that lend at very high rates.

People throughout the world are facing tougher financial times right now. Banks are tightening their belts and making it almost impossible to get a loan, and traditional pawn shops are making a fortune on other people’s misfortune. So, do yourself a favor. If you need money, instead of selling your assets: your diamond, gold jewelry, luxury watch, designer handbags, cars or your boat, consider visiting Chapes-JPL will get you back on your feet with the low interest loan you need.

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