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Posted by Matt Anton

I’ve realized the past couple of weeks that more and more people are asking where they can sell their old jewelry. Many of you have gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious items that you are either willing to get rid of, or you are in a financial rut and need the cash you could get for them. Either way, Chapes can help.

One of the main things I came across on the web this weekend was women looking to get rid of old engagement or wedding rings. They didn’t trust certain transaction websites, such as craigslist or ebay, for many reasons. One of which is the obvious culprit, scamming.  How can you trust a perfect stranger to send you the money for it?  Another reason people hesitate is because they wonder if they will get the best price for their item. The last reason I can think of is –  if you use an auction website,  you must continuously monitor the computer in order to keep watch on bids and answer random questions from potential buyers. Why don’t you make life easier on yourself?  At Chapes JPL, we can do one of two things for you:

We Can Give You A Loan On Your Jewelry

Yes, we will loan you more money than our competitors at the lowest rates in the industry!  There aren’t any credit checks, employment verification requirements, or applications to fill out. You get the cash you need today!

We Will Buy Your Jewelry

You don’t need a loan? No problem.  Let Chapes make you an offer to buy the jewelry you no longer want. Our jewelry appraisers understand its true value, which enables us to offer you more money than our competition.

No matter what you’re looking to do, you will be taken care of. Whether you want to sell unwanted jewelry, or would like to take out a loan on it, you can be sure Chapes JPL is the right choice.

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