How to pawn gold safely in Atlanta for the most money.

Posted by Lee Benhayon

As opposed to selling your gold, if you pawn gold safely you will still get your items back to hold onto. Today’s highway and human billboards, TV and radio commercials and other advertising mediums will have the average consumer believing that selling gold is the best solution to your money problems.  However, the only problem you will be solving by selling your gold outright is helping a gold buyer make a fast profit.

  • Gold has been appreciating for several years and is predicted to soon be more valuable than the U.S. Dollar.  Selling gold may not be the best way to get fast money.
  • The typical gold pawn shop will offer as low of an offer as possible to buy your gold and other assets and for a pawn loan will charge as much as 25% interest per month without the ability to apply payments towards the principal amount until the end of the loan.

There is a better way to use your gold to get quick money without losing your valuable assets.  Chapes-JPL in Atlanta, Georgia has been offering gold loans and buying precious metals and jewelry since 1980.  The company was founded for the sole purpose of providing a better way for people to get quick money help without having to turn to a traditional pawnshop.

Chapes-JPL provides a private setting to pawn gold safely in Atlanta.  First of all, we do not sell anything so there is no retail store with customers wandering while you are discussing your private circumstances.

All Chapes-JPL asset and gold appraisals are done privately and discreetly.

The fact that we do not sell gold or jewelry offers another advantage for our customers because our goal is not to fill jewelry display cases.  A customary jewelry store that offers gold loans will be quick to liquidate an item due to one missed payment.   Our primary goal is to help our clients get the money they need affordably and without losing their loan leverage.  We strive to work with our customers to get their pledged items back more so than an average pawnbroker.

Our upscale, boutique offices are located in the best parts of town and situated within highly secure financial buildings.  All collateral pledged with us are photographed, insured and kept in traditional bank vaults off-site.  Whether you have gold bars, nuggets, coins, jewelry or simple gold scraps, we can help you get the money you need fast and without selling one of your most valuable assets.  More than 80% of our customers return to us repeatedly for collateral loans frequently using the same asset each time.

Chapes-JPL customers know they can count on us for emergency cash without worrying about high interest rates, indiscretion, or unfair values to sell gold and/or jewelry.  Some of our best clientele includes professional athletes, well-known entertainers and other VIPs because they appreciate our highly discreet and more than fair gold lending and buying techniques.

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