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10 reasons why Chapes JPL is better than a typical pawn shop

Posted by Matt Anton

You could get a loan at a typical pawn shop , but a loan with Chapes-JPL saves you money in interest and is completely confidential.

A lot of people have found us while looking online for a Pawn Shop.   It is true, we do offer loans on assets.  However, we are not a typical pawn shop and we are definitely not like other traditional pawnbrokers that most people are used to.

Here are 10 things that set Chapes apart from the typical pawn shop:

  1. We offer some of the best rates in the nation;
  2. We are located in a professional office building (not storefronts with bars on the window);
  3. Our appraisers are the best of the best at determining the value of assets;
  4. We tell our customers what their assets are worth the first time (no haggling);
  5. We have great reviews;
  6. We are like members of the family to our customers;
  7. We can be found on most social media platforms (We like to talkHere is where you can find us: Click here);
  8. We continue to build and improve our company everyday;
  9. We like to loan out money at low rates;
  10. We will give you a free quote (Click here for a quote).
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