? Mail-In Program: Get Cash ? Quickly from Home

3 Quick Steps You Can Do From Home to Get Cash Fast

Want Quick, Fast Cash without leaving your home? Chapes-JPL announces our National Mail-In, 100% Insured, ?️ Secure Cash for Assets Program. The dirty secret of a typical “pawn shop” is they charge the highest interest rates by law in their local city. With Chapes-JPL National Mail-in Program, you are able to get the lowest interest rates allowed by law, across the entire United States. Best of all, it’s 100% secure, insured, and licensed. Your items are insured by Chapes-JPL and mailed out with the United Stats Postal Service; backed by Chapes-JPL 5 star reputation since 1980. We’ve given out tens of MILLIONS of dollars to people just like you, in your time of need. Common reasons such as:

Accidents or Hospital expenses

Business Owners looking to expand

Divorces and unexpected bills

Fast Cash to cover rent and car Payments

1) Schedule Your Item(s) Appraisal

2) You and Chapes-JPL Agree on CASH Amount Owed to You

3. You Mail Us Items. We Receive. You Then Get Your $$$$$$ CASH

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this Secure? What if the Mail is lost or stolen?

Your item(s) are 100% insured by Chapes-JPL. This means you have no chance of being defrauded whether your items are misplaced or stolen, once you mail them. Chapes-JPL sends you a prepaid envelope with postage, so all you have to do is simply fill up your envelope or box with your item(s) agreed upon during your Zoom virtual meeting.

2) What is Zoom? How does this work during our meeting?

Zoom is a trusted web program where we can see each other, as well as your belongings. This saves you time because you do not have to travel here, or blindly send your belongings, not sure what you should receive. Once you setup you scheduled meeting (Step 1), you will be sent an automatic link to join Zoom. All you have to do is click or tap the Zoom link a few minutes before your meeting, and it will guide you through the basic prompts to join. It’s very easy to use, and requires no technical skills or downloads ahead of time.

3) What Types of Item(s) and Assets Do you buy or loan on?

Chapes-JPL buys or loans on Gold (broken, or in good standing) or jewelry, diamonds, watches (luxury such as Rolex), luxury handbags, cars (we shipped one from Texas just last week), boats/yachts.

4) How Much Cash Will I Get?

After 40 years in business Chapes-JPL promise to you is the maximum amount of cash possible to get the deal done. With over 180 5 star reviews since 1980, and an A+ BBB rating, our word to you is transparency, value, and no pressure. Chapes-JPL has access to reserves of capital, which means we can lend our cash at the best rates possible, or purchase your valuable assets at fair market value.

5) What If I Do Not Agree with the Appraisal Cash Value?

You can walk away at any time. The appraisal itself is free. The only fair way to assess your unique items is to visually see them, and identify value so we can pass the maximum cash amount into your pockets immediately.

6) What if I mail my Item(s) and Chapes-JPL doesn’t pay?

If we agree to terms in good faith, and everything looks good once Chapes-JPL receives the item(s), then the cash will be awarded to you immediately and the item held by Chapes-JPL – a successful transaction. However, there is no risk on your end, because if Chapes-JPL does not want the item (whether it wasn’t readily apparent it was a fake, or not accurately portrayed by you during our assessment) your item(s) will be return mailed to you at NO cost to you, as Chapes-JPL will pay for shipping and postage to your return address.

7) Where will my item(s) be held (if loan agreed)?

Your items are kept in a safe secure bank vault. It’s protected by armed security guards as well as 24/7 surveillance monitoring. You can contact Chapes-JPL at anytime during business hours, and off hours, armed security guard the building inside Atlanta, shared office spaces with hundreds of other LLC companies. All assets are stored Off-site in one of our state-of-the-art, alarm protected 24-hour security monitored, fireproof vaults. Your items are also fully insured for the agreed upon value while in our custody.

Even though we started in Atlanta, our low rates, and customer honesty approach has built us a network of relationships across the United States. We’ve done deals coast to coast, but we’re proud of our traditions in Atlanta.

Atlanta Location:
3355 Lenox Rd. NE #875, Atlanta, GA 30326
Hours: M-Th 10-5:30PM, F 10-5PM, Sat 10-1PM
Call Us: (404) 504-70211

8) What will the monthly payment on my loan be?

Everything is included in one payment. This amount will depend on the total amount borrowed as well as the type and value of asset used as collateral, shipping and insurance. When you schedule, a Chapes-JPL appraiser will assess your items value and discuss the exact terms.

9) Is there a minimum or maximum loan period?

Chapes-JPL offers loans that can be extended for as many 30 day periods as the client needs. There is no maximum loan period. Chapes-JPL as had repeat customers for years, in their time of need. Ask your appraiser how much fast cash you can get today.

10) Does Chapes-JPL conduct credit checks?

No. Chapes-JPL does not conduct credit checks or employment verification. The value and terms of each loan is solely based on the assets you pledge as collateral.

11) How do you determine the value of my item?

The value of your item will be agreed upon by you and the appraiser during your meeting, for maximum cash and fair market value. Our typical LTV (loan-to-value) ratio is 10-80% of the estimated liquid wholesale value of your asset.

12) How do I get started?

It all starts with contact. You can call us right now, Chapes-JPL at:
404-504-7021 or schedule above.
If you schedule your personal meeting with us (Calendar above on this webpage), you will be in the front of the line to receive your cash. Remember, we can’t help you unless you reach out. If you live near Atlanta, and prefer to drive to see us, please visit our office, or call us to schedule an appointment in person.

13) How do I mail my items securely to Chapes-JPL?

Chapes-JPL handles everything. We send you a prepaid, Fed Ex or United States Postal Service envelope. All you do is fill it with the item(s) we discussed during our private consultation, and put it in your mailbox. Chapes-JPL will then receive the item, confirm its receipt, and send you your cash immediately through a secure wire transfer.

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