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How to Sell Jewelry for Cash

If you have a collection of expensive jewelry, you may be wondering how to sell your unused pieces for cash. You can choose from various options, such as consignment shops, pawnshops, and online stores. Here are some tips for selling your jewelry. Regardless of whether you want to sell it for cash or trade it in, here are some tips for identifying what type of jewelry is worth selling. Regardless of how old your jewelry is, it will be worth selling if it is in good condition.

Consignment shops

If you’re looking for a place to consign jewelry, consider a consignment shop that pays a fair percentage. A good consignment shop will pay you 50 percent of the retail value of your jewelry. If the shop does not pay this much, consider other options. Listed below are some tips to help you maximize the return on your jewelry. Also, keep records of when your jewelry was received, what it sold for, and how much it cost to sell.

Consignment shops will usually pay you a minimal percentage of the current market value of your items. However, they need to earn a profit in order to stay in business. Sometimes pawn shops are a better option, but you should only consider them in emergency situations. Pawn shops will buy almost any jewelry, but they tend to offer less than the retail value. If you have a piece of jewelry that no one else wants, pawn shops can offer you a fair price.

Jewelry consignment stores are great for consumers looking for inexpensive, used jewelry. However, they aren’t ideal for jewelry consignors who want to earn a significant amount of money. Many people are surprised to learn that they will make a very small amount of money when selling their jewelry to a consignment shop. The store must pay for overhead costs, mortgage payments, rent, insurance costs, and utility bills, not to mention staff wages. Moreover, consignment stores have to compete with retail stores that sell trendy new jewelry.

Unlike other consignment shops, online consignment shops may offer more money than professionals. These online sites can give you a better price than pawnshops, and in some cases, the percentages are much higher. If you need cash for jewelry, you should avoid selling your jewelry to national companies. However, you should be aware of the terms of the buyback program before committing to any transaction.

A consignment shop can pay you cash for your jewelry. While this may be a convenient way to make some extra money, the consignment shop owner does have a lot of advantages. For one, the consignor does not have to pay any upfront costs. They only pay a commission if and when the item sells. However, there’s a chance that your product does not sell for a decent price. The store owner gets their money back if the item doesn’t sell.


If you have some jewelry that you’re not using any more, you may want to sell it at a pawnshop. Although jewelry is their main item of interest, these shops also pay good money for electronics, firearms, real metal flatware, and collectibles. You should also remember to sell jewelry with less sentimental value. The more sentimental your item is, the less likely you are to get a higher price.

Most pawn shops offer flexible payment plans. If you cannot pay off the item in full, you can extend the repayment date, which is often fee-based. However, it is important to note that a pawnbroker may try to low-ball you. Therefore, if you’re not in a financial crisis, you should dress casually. It’s not advisable to tell a broker that you need money, as this may encourage him to undervalue your item.

Costume jewelry is not worth much. Costume jewelry isn’t valued as much as real jewelry, but some pieces of costume jewelry can fetch a decent price. The best metals to pawning include gold and silver. Gold can be resold as wearable jewelry, while silver can be used to make scrap metal. Costume jewelry can also be sold for scrap metal. Broken chains or old rings are valuable scrap metal that can build value.

When deciding to sell jewelry for cash, you need to keep in mind that it is important to choose the type of jewelry. While costume jewelry doesn’t have a high market value, quality pieces of jewelry are easier to sell than low-quality ones. This way, you can get fast cash for your jewelry. And if you’re a new bride or a newlywed, you can sell your wedding ring to pawnshops.

You can sell most types of items to pawn shops. Some shops even buy electronic equipment. A high-definition TV, for example, can fetch a better price. You can also pawn video game consoles and computers. Most pawn shops also take musical instruments. But make sure you have proof of purchase before selling your item. It’s best to be safe than sorry. When in doubt, check eBay.


If you have a lot of unused jewelry and would like to sell it for cash, you have two options. The first is to sell it locally at a retail store or online. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Local stores are more likely to give you cash for your jewelry than online retailers, and can take much longer than selling it online. Also, these retailers may not offer the best prices because supply and demand in their local area play a role in the prices. However, they are often a safe place to leave valuable items, like diamond rings.

On-line auctions have many advantages, but there are also a few risks. The upside of on-line auctions is that they reach a global audience. You only pay when someone purchases your item, so it’s a very profitable way to declutter and make a little extra cash. The downsides of online auctions are that they can be a bit tricky to decide which categories to list your jewelry in. Moreover, you may not reach a large number of potential buyers if you’re selling a small item.

There are a number of ways to sell jewelry online. Whether you sell it on eBay or locally, a few steps will make the process much easier. The first option is selling directly to an online buyer. Be aware of commissions and fees as these will reduce the value of your jewelry. You must also remember that the value of your jewelry may rise in the future. Therefore, you should compare the costs of replacement with the original price.

A full-service online e-commerce platform like Shopify is an excellent option. They offer 70 different storefront themes, enable online credit card payments, and even help you ship your jewelry. It prints discounted USPS shipping labels and sends tracking updates to customers. You can sign up for a basic Shopify account for just $29. Afterwards, you can upgrade your account to the more advanced plans that offer features like detailed reports and third-party shipping rates.


When it comes to selling jewelry, the trade-in process is not as complicated as you may think. You can simply send in your unwanted jewelry for an appraisal at a local jewelry store. While the value of your trade-in jewelry might not be as high as the market value, this option may be the best option if you need cash fast. Also, selling your jewelry on the Internet can save you a lot of time and money by attracting a wider audience and avoiding fees and commissions that are associated with pawn shops.

If you have jewelry of any type, you can sell it to a store that purchases designer jewelry. Often, they will pay up to 50% more than what you paid for it. This option is convenient and allows you to get money the same day. You can choose to spend the money immediately or save it for a later purchase. When deciding which company to use, make sure you find one that will give you top dollar for your jewelry.

One of the most important steps in preparing to trade-in your jewelry for cash is getting an appraisal. The market value of the components of jewelry fluctuates over time. Therefore, it’s hard to estimate the value of your jewelry without getting an appraisal. For this reason, it is essential to have your jewelry appraised by a certified jewelry appraiser. This way, you can determine the exact value of your jewelry and use the money to buy another piece of jewelry.

The best places to sell your jewelry for cash are local retailers or online. It all depends on your time and the type of jewelry you want to sell. If you’ve got unique pieces or if you’ve been disappointed by offers from local stores, selling your jewelry on the internet may be a good option. Worthy is one such website. With free FedEx shipping, Worthy makes the process easy. Once you’ve done this, you can receive your cash instantly.

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