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We, at College Park Jewelry Buyers, are experts at evaluating your fine jewelry, antique jewelry, or signed “signature” jewelry.
Gold jewelry is valued for the amount and purity of precious metal the piece contains (gold, silver, platinum, etc.). The value of the gem stones (jewelry, rubies, etc.) also determines value, as well as being from a well known designer or an antique.

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Each piece of jewelry with precious metal content has intrinsic value for the metal. Some pieces, however, are much more valuable because of their quality, rarity, or any number of other variables.
Our evaluation staff can quickly determine the purity and amount of metal, the cut and clarity of the gem stones, and the intrinsic value of any jewelry you have.

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As jewelry buyer located in College Park, we have become popular not only in College Park but also nationwide for our fast, fair, reliable, friendly and confidential diamond buying service. We specialize in 1.00 to 15.99 carat jewelry.

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We have professional jewelry buyers all across College Park giving the highest level of diamond buying service, making liberal evaluations for our clientele, and providing immediate cash offers for your large diamond or estate jewelry. The bigger the diamond, the better!

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We have jewelry buyers and diamond jewelry buyers in your area that are ready to make an appointment in one of our offices and give you immediate cash offers on your diamond – all in strict confidence.

You can also sell a large diamond or diamond ring by using our contact page and by providing description of your diamond or diamond jewelry or by bringing your diamond in to one of our offices.

As jewelry buyers, our goal is to get you the best price with fair evaluation based on the actual market demand for the diamond you are selling.
Our College Park jewelry buyers are pre-authorized to make immediate cash payment.
Our expert jewelry buyer, and appraisers make sure you get the cash payment you deserve!
If you have questions or are not sure of your diamond’s characteristics. Then you may want to use this simple form to get free quote.
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Get More Money For Your Jewelry!
After years of providing estate jewelry buying services, we have the expertise to correctly evaluate your diamond.
We are in constant contact with a vast jewelry buying network and can often help you get more money for your jewelry than anyone else.

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